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Star Trek: Enterprise has been released on VHS by Paramount Home Entertainment (PHE) in several countries since its launch in 2001.

Only the first season of Enterprise was released on VHS due to the dwindling demand for the video tape format and the rise of the DVD home media format. PHE chose to focus exclusively on DVD releases from 2003 onward, with the sole exception of Star Trek Nemesis.

UK releases

Enterprise was released in the UK in a two-episode-per-tape format by PHE in 2002. This was the only season of Enterprise released on VHS in the UK.

Dates in italics are approximations based on release frequency, where no exact date is available. UK products are normally released on a Monday.
Volume Number Catalogue Number Cover Episodes Certificate Release Date
1.1[1] VHR 5325 ENT 1.1 UK VHS cover
"Broken Bow"
PG 1 April 2002
1.2 VHR 5326 ENT 1.2 UK VHS cover
"Fight or Flight"
"Strange New World"
PG 6 May 2002
1.3 VHR 5327 ENT 1.3 UK VHS cover
"Terra Nova"
PG 10 June 2002
1.4 VHR 5328 ENT 1.4 UK VHS cover
"The Andorian Incident"
"Breaking the Ice"
PG 24 June 2002
1.5 VHR 5329 ENT 1.5 UK VHS cover
"Fortunate Son"
U 1 July 2002
1.6 VHR 5330 ENT 1.6 UK VHS cover
"Cold Front"
"Silent Enemy"
U 22 July 2002
1.7 VHR 5331 ENT 1.7 UK VHS cover
"Dear Doctor"
"Sleeping Dogs"
U 5 August 2002
1.8 VHR 5332 ENT 1.8 UK VHS cover
"Shadows of P'Jem"
"Shuttlepod One"
PG 19 August 2002
1.9 VHR 5333 ENT 1.9 UK VHS cover
"Rogue Planet"
PG 2 September 2002
1.10 VHR 5334 ENT 1.10 UK VHS cover
PG 23 September 2002
1.11 VHR 5335 ENT 1.11 UK VHS cover
"Vox Sola"
PG 7 October 2002
1.12 VHR 5336 ENT 1.12 UK VHS cover
"Fallen Hero"
"Desert Crossing"
PG 21 October 2002
1.13 VHR 5352 ENT 1.13 UK VHS cover
"Two Days and Two Nights"
PG 18 November 2002

Other releases featuring ENT episodes

Volume/Set Catalogue Number Cover Episodes Certificate[2] Release Date
Enterprise Collectors Edition[3] VHR 5359 ENT 1.1-1.3 UK VHS cover
"Broken Bow"
"Fight or Flight"
"Strange New World"
"Terra Nova"
PG 19 August 2002


  1. A special collection box for the first season was given away free with this volume from Woolworths.
  2. In the case of sets, the certificate is over the set as a whole (unless stated otherwise).
  3. A special "trial pack" containing volumes 1.1-1.3.

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