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Star Trek: Fan Collective is the umbrella title for a series of "themed" DVD releases.

In late 2003 in Region 2, Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Complete TV Movies was released on DVD, containing all of the two-part and feature length episodes from Star Trek: The Next Generation, plus the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine pilot episode, "Emissary". Around the same time the Jean-Luc Picard Collection was released on DVD in Region 2 (an alternative version was released in mid-2004 in Region 1), containing several fan favorite episodes.

The sales of these led to Paramount announcing in 2005 that it was considering releasing four DVD boxed sets that would contain episodes from any of the live-action Star Trek series. Asking fans to vote on what they would like to see featured on the DVDs, Paramount stated that the development of these "Fan Collective Edition" DVD boxed sets was not guaranteed.

Some time later, development of such DVD collections became reality with the release of the first boxed set on 7 March 2006. A package containing the first five individual sets was released in Region 1 on 24 July 2007.


Release Cover Release date
Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
Star Trek: Fan Collective - Borg Fan Collective - Borg cover 7 March 2006 3 July 2006 6 July 2006
Star Trek: Fan Collective - Time Travel Fan Collective - Time Travel cover 4 April 2006 14 August 2006 7 September 2006
Star Trek: Fan Collective - Q Fan Collective - Q cover 6 June 2006 4 September 2006 7 September 2006
Star Trek: Fan Collective - Klingon Fan Collective - Klingon cover 1 August 2006 15 January 2007 2 November 2006
Star Trek: Fan Collective - Captain's Log Fan Collective - Captain's Log cover 24 July 2007 24 September 2007 8 November 2007
Star Trek: Fan Collective - The Collectives Fan Collective - 5-Pack 24 July 2007 - -
Star Trek: Fan Collective - Alternate Realities Alternate Realities cover 16 September 2008 6 April 2009 30 April 2009
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