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The Star Trek: Federation Travel Guide is a mock tourist guide covering the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.


The purpose of this Travel Guide is to make your voyage through Federation space and beyond as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, regardless of your physical and cultural orientations. We, the editors, attempt to accomplish this by providing reliable information regarding attractions, lodgings, and restaurants on various planets and facilities… by pointing you in the direction of what we consider the galaxy's "BEST BETS"… and by advising you of the dangers and pitfalls a sentient being may encounter along the way. To use this book effectively, you should be conversant with the Travel Guide's rating system, which employs a variety of symbols. Please familiarize yourself with the chart below and its explanations of those symbols before reading further. Be aware that no attraction, lodging, or restaurant pays for its rating. Each one is evaluated on the basis of merit alone. Evaluations are updated every Federation-standard year. Please read on.

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Bajor; Betazed; black cluster; Borg; Cardassia Prime; Cestus III; Earth; Qo'noS; Remus; Risa; Romulus; Rura Penthe; Trill; Vulcan

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