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Star Trek: First Contact (expanded soundtrack) is the extended soundtrack to Star Trek: First Contact. Produced by GNP Crescendo Records, and limited to 10,000 copies, the single-disc release contains the extended score to the film, along with alternate takes.

The release includes a sixteen-page booklet featuring commentary from Jeff Bond and John Takis and track-by-track breakdowns, with extended liner notes available here.

Unlike the original soundtrack, it does not contain the rock and roll songs "Magic Carpet Ride" and "Ooby Dooby" featured in the film.

Track listingEdit

# Title/Runtime
Film Score
1 Main Title*/Locutus‡ (4:16)
2 How Many Ships† (0:28)
3 Battle Watch‡ (1:10)
4 Red Alert† (2:13)
5 Temporal Wake (2:07)
6 Shields Down (1:45)
7 The Phoenix‡ (1:00)
8 They're Here‡ (0:25)
9 39.1 Degrees Celsius‡ (4:45)
10 Search for the Borg†‡ (1:50)
11 Retreat‡ (3:59)
12 No Success (1:31)
13 Borg Montage‡ (1:02)
14 Welcome Aboard (2:40)
15 Stimulation (1:04)
16 Smorgasborg‡ (1:28)
17 Getting Ready (1:33)
18 Fully Functional (3:19)
19 The Dish (7:06)
20 Objection Noted (1:54)
21 Not Again (2:41)
22 Evacuate (2:20)
23 New Orders/All the Time (3:49)
24 Flight of the Phoenix†‡ (6:20)
25 First Contact (6:00)
26 End Credits*/** (5:26)
27 The Phoenix [alternate]†‡ (1:07)
28 Borg Montage [alternate] (1:17)
29 Main Title [alternate]* (2:54)
Total running time: 79:13
* Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage.
† Contains "Theme from Star Trek: The Motion Picture" by Jerry Goldsmith.
‡ Music by Joel Goldsmith.

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