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Star Trek: First Contact is a PC game released in 1988. The game was a typical text adventure, developed by Micromosaics Productions and published by Simon & Schuster.


From the box back
"The Enterprise is Starfleet's most impressive limousine, Jim. She'll guarantee a royal reception for our bigwigs at that local coronation." You smile knowingly as you recall the instructions from Starfleet Command. The Enterprise will carry diplomats to Gothica to ensure that the Federation makes a good impression. But this part of her voyage is merely a first step.
Evidence of a new and unknown civilization has been found. The ultimate goal for your starship and crew is to avoid Klingon suspicion and make First Contact. The Federation has chosen you, Captain James T. Kirk, to be the first to encounter and befriend the aliens.
The dual mission of the Enterprise has begun. "Sulu, set course for Gothica. Uhura, notify Starfleet of our departure. Spock warp factor one." Apparently, all is well. But appearances can be deceiving.
Enhancing your mission are these features:
  • Graphics display of important locations, objects, and aliens
  • Detailed Captain's Log generated by the ship's computer and expandable by you, Kirk
  • Access to comprehensive files in the Enterprise data banks, including a trove of STAR TREK lore
  • Dramatic sound effects

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