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The Star Trek: First Contact trading card set produced by SkyBox was released in November 1996. A widevision card set, in line with SkyBox's previous film-related releases, the set comprised a sixty-card base set and five chase sets. One of the more unusual chase sets was the Blueprint Posters – these were paper inserts, rather than cards, which folded out to 9" × 7".

The single autograph card for the set featured Brent Spiner and was of extreme rarity, only appearing in 1 out of 3,600 packs (an estimated print run of 180).

In the base set, odd-numbered cards had a background of an intact Enterprise-E corridor wall, while even-numbered cards featured an assimilated corridor wall.

Two different boxes were produced for the cards: one for hobby stores, containing 36 packs, the other for Blockbuster Video, containing sixteen packs.

Base set

Card # Title Card # Title
1 A Dedicated Vessel 31 A Ruby Kiss
2 The Nightmare 32 Borg in the Night
3 The Neutral Zone 33 Missile Complex
4 U.S.S. Defiant, Off-Line 34 Barclay meets a Legend
5 Borg Sphere 35 Reports of My Assimilation...
6 Into the Breach 36 Lily Meets Lt. Commander Worf
7 Zefram and Lily 37 Lost in the Woods
8 Borg Meteor 38 Suiting up for Zero G
9 Historic Date 39 Lieutenant Commander Data, the Rebel
10 21st Century Civilians 40 Pain and Pleasure
11 Lily Opens Fire 41 Interplexing Spires
12 Lily Faints 42 Hull Fight
13 The Phoenix 43 Deflector Separation
14 Heating Up 44 True Motives
15 Sickbay Goes Dead 45 Objection Noted
16 Please State the Nature... 46 Lost Friend
17 Drinking With Zefram 47 Phoenix Launches
18 The Hive 48 Databorg
19 Firefight 49 Captain Jean-Luc Picard Faces the Queen
20 Lieutenant Commander Data Captured 50 The Return of Locutus
21 Assimilated 51 Sacrifice
22 Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Lily 52 Target Phoenix
23 Borg Drones 53 Phoenix Hits Warp
24 Talk of the Future 54 Hive Collapse
25 View From the Stars 55 Close Encounter
26 Borg Queen 56 First Contact!
27 Real Skin 57 Back on Duty
28 Borgified Starship! 58 New Friends
29 The Return of Dixon Hill 59 U.S.S. Enterprise Crew
30 Nightclub Entrance 60 Checklist

Chase cards

Card # Title Card # Title
Behind the Scenes (1:6 packs)
BS1 Jonathan Frakes the Director BS6 Made for the Job
BS2 Directing a Klingon BS7 Fit for a Queen
BS3 With Friends Like These... BS8 It's Easier in Space
BS4 On Location BS9 Lt. Commander Data and the Borg Queen
BS5 Give That Borg a Hand! BS10 A Man Amongst Borg
Techno-Cel Borg Cards (1:8 packs)
B1 Star Trek: The Next Generation Borg B7 Borg Queen
Klingon Borg SkyBox trading card B2.jpg
Star Trek: First Contact Borg
B8 Borg Alcove
B3 Locutus B9 Borgified Engineering
Klingon Borg SkyBox trading card B4.jpg
Klingon Borg
B10 Star Trek: First Contact Borg
Bolian Borg SkyBox trading card B5.jpg
Bolian Borg
Borg drone SkyBox trading card B11.jpg
Star Trek: First Contact Borg
B6 Cardassian Borg B12 Borg Symbol
Enterprise Cards (1:8 packs)
E1 Bridge E4 Sickbay
E2 Main Engineering E5 Evacuation Corridor
E3 Ready Room E6 Observation Lounge
Character Cards (1:9 packs)
C1 Captain Jean-Luc Picard C6 Dr. Beverly Crusher
C2 Lieutenant Commander Data C7 Lieutenant Commander Worf
C3 Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge C8 Lieutenant Hawk
C4 Commander William T. Riker C9 Zefram Cochrane
C5 Lieutenant [sic] Deanna Troi C10 Lily Sloane
Blueprint Posters (1:36 packs)
S1 U.S.S. Enterprise S3 Phoenix
S2 Borg Cube
Autograph Card (1:3600 packs)
- Brent Spiner
~180 produced

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