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Star Trek: Four Generations was a collector's edition magazine produced by TV Guide.


From his home in Sri Lanka, the esteemed science-fiction writer and futurist remembers Gene Roddenberry and pays tribute to Trek.
Interviews with the execs who keep the enterprise energized: Rick Berman, Michael Piller, and Jeri Taylor.
  • Wonder Woman – by Michael Logan
Kate Mulgrew – a.k.a. Kathryn the Great on Voyager – talks candidly about taking command, raising kids, and living in the material world.
  • The Bold and the Beautiful – by Diane Werts
The women of Trek have come a long way, baby, from bit players to leading ladies.
  • Amazing Grace – by Laura Jamison
Grace Lee Whitney went 'over the edge' after being fired from the original Trek due to substance abuse. Then she saw the light.
When NBC tried to cancel Star Trek, Bjo and John Trimble launched the most famous letter-writing campaign in TV history.
  • Prescriptions for the Future – by Mindy Kitei
Many of the medical miracles shown on Star Trek aren't quite as far off as the series' creators – and viewers – once thought.
The legendary illustrator puts his inimitable spin on the casts of all four Trek television series.
The pop-culture pundit pens an appreciation of the almost-human android and the actor who made him simply irresistible.
  • Metamorphosis – by Nina Malkin
It's not easy being an extraterrestrial. Just ask the actors who spend hours in the makeup chair to become one.
  • Out of Character – by Divina Infusino
Eight Trek stars reveal their private passions and talk about the impact Trek has had on their lives.
The author of "The City on the Edge of Forever" refutes longstanding rumors that his original script was unfilmable.
  • Cosmic Couture – by Elizabeth Snead
From sporty and sexy to plain and practical, Star Trek style has always reflected today's take on tomorrow.
Trek fans are a breed apart, distinguished by undying devotion, uncommon creativity, and unparallel possessiveness.
  • From the Archives – annotation by Jamie Bufalino; photo research by Nancy Schwartz
Articles and never-published photographs from the TV Guide archive tell the history of Trek from a unique perspective.
  • Stardates
Here they are – all 12 covers TV Guide has devoted to Star Trek, from 1967 to the present.
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