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Star Trek: Good News in Modern Images is a reference book written by Betsy Caprio and published by Sheed, Andrews and McMeel in 1978.


In this important study, religion and science fiction meet – in the best tradition of both. Students and teachers of Human values, as well as the legion of Star Trek fans, will find this workbook study an exciting, invaluable guide through the entrancing world of Star Trek. The enduring TV series has long been regarded as a communicator of significant values to viewers – especially young people – and Betsy Caprio, the author of Experiments in Prayer and Experiments in Growth, captures the essence of positive, hopeful vision of the future depicted in the story lines of one of the most popular TV series.
For use in both formal and informal study of recent cultural phenomenon of Star Trek, Caprio communicates the recurring and important Christian values inherent to the series' seventy-nine episodes. Her study helps to explain – to the admirers of Star Trek and the uninitiated – the last and growing appeal of the show. An examination of other science-fiction works, including Star Wars, shows the much of science fiction is made more comprehensible within the framework for study she provides in this book.
This is an impressive, engaging book, illustrated and indexed, that offers a refreshingly different viewpoint, one that reiterates the vision of magnitude, hope, and spiritual union that sustains Star Trek.

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  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: "Fascinating!" ... say thousands of Star Trek fans in sixty-six countries on the Planet Earth.
  • Chapter Two: "To Explore–to Seek Out–to Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before" ... What am I doing here?
  • Chapter Three: "We Turn Our Backs on Confusion and See the Beginning" ... Where am I going?
  • Chapter Four: "The Book Tells Us How to Handle Things" ... How do I get there?
  • Chapter Five: "The Striving for Greatness Continues" ... The Goal: What can a person become?
  • Chapter Six: At His Side–As if You've Always Been There and Always Will" ... The love of someone special can help me along.
  • Chapter Seven: "Now You Belong to All of Us and We to You" ... A supporting community can help, too.
  • Chapter Eight: "On My Way" ... The quest goes on!
  • Addenda
    • Lists of My Star Trek Favorites–and Other Things
    • Original Star Trek Episodes
  • Index
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