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Star Trek: IMAX, announced in 1997, was a film planned for release in the IMAX format.

The film was intended to "be shot in state-of-the-art IMAX 3D with CGI graphics, with a running approximately 40 minutes, with a budget of $10-12 million." A script was completed by Rick Berman and Hans Tobeason. Story plans for the film included featuring characters from all four series, including Colm Meaney reprising his role as Miles O'Brien. It was also planned for David Warner to play Chancellor Gorkon once more.

In 1999, Rick Berman commmented, "The IMAX film seems to be somewhere between on a back burner and dead in the water. We developed and wrote a wonderful script. Paramount loved it and the IMAX people loved it. It was a story that would have mainly featured Colm Meaney's character and a bunch of new characters in the 35-40 minute movie. For business reasons, in terms of the dealings that went on between Paramount and IMAX, it's on a back burner. As to whether it will move onto a middle burner or a front burner sometime in the near future, that's anybody's guess." ("Admiral of the Fleet", Star Trek Monthly issue 50) His opinion of the project didn't diminish. Years later, he commented, "I've always felt that the script we developed for Star Trek: IMAX was wonderful." (The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years, p. 743)

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