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Star Trek: Klingon Academy is a simulation game, published by Interplay Entertainment in 2000. You play from the perspective of Torlek, a cadet of General Chang's elite command academy. You follow him as he makes his way through trial after trial. He eventually catches the interest of Chang himself, who recruits him to help discover the nature of a growing insurgency within the Klingon Empire.

Setting and story

The game occurs just before the first Khitomer Accords as shown in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. General Chang is Brigadier Kerla's predecessor the Military Advisor to Chancellor Lorak, Gorkon's predecessor. Chang is also the lead instructor at the Klingon Defense Forces Elite Command Academy. Gorkon is Chang's predecessor as Chief of Staff.

The story starts with an attempted coup against the gravely ill then-Chancellor Lorak. In a heated battle above the Klingon homeworld, General Chang foils this attempt, injuring his eye in the process.

The game is divided into two campaigns: The first is a simulated war against the Federation. Starting with a blitzkrieg, the war moves deeper into Federation space, exploiting the weaknesses inherent in the Federation's greatest strength – diplomacy – which renders the enemy "a brittle unity" in Chang's eyes. The war ends at the heart of the Federation, General Chang uses humanity's "greatest scientific achievements" (Project Genesis) on Earth wiping out all life.

During breaks from the Academy, you are called to spy on treasonous elements with ties to the recent coup attempt against the Chancellor.

Upon graduation (a great honor, given the atrocious failure rate), Chancellor Lorak dies, and the worst civil war in the history of the Empire ensues, with radical ramifications to come...

Background information

  • Producer and script writer Rafael Hernandez noted the game operated differently than Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, "our ships fly slower, they have mass, inertia, they feel like capital ships. They have a variety of different systems that weren't available for 'Starfleet Academy.' For example, you can batter down an opponent's shields, and send over boarding parties to capture or cripple the other craft. You have the ability to supply power to your ship's systems in ways that you couldn't in 'Starfleet Academy'." (Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 1, Issue 8, p. 84)
  • Regarding story development, Hernandez explained that their licensing restricted them to Star Trek: The Original Series and the first six films. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country seemed to focus the most on the Klingons, and it was Paramount that suggested a story featuring General Chang. (Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 1, Issue 8, p. 86)



Actor David Warner during production of this game

Voice cast

  • Greg Eagles as Torlek (β)
  • Michael Dorn as Thok Mak (β) (Colonel Worf's younger brother)
  • Wayne Grace as Poktarl
  • George Takei as Captain Hikaru Sulu
  • Michael Gough as Civil War Engineer / Battlestation Commander
  • Barry Lynch as Academy Helmsman / ra'wl'a Captain / Freighter Captain 1 / tlHoy Captain
  • Kevin M. Richardson as Civil War Communications Officer / Garlok / Starbase 1 / Tholian Commander / Tutorial Instructor
  • Perry Brown as Civil War Marine Commander / Vutwl' Hech Captain
  • David Lodge as Academy Weapons Officer / Chang's Communications Officer / Wingman 1 / Povaq Captain
  • John Vernon as Academy Communications Officer / Federation Commander 2
  • T.C. Carson as Academy Engineer / Gorkon Allied Command / Starbase 2
  • Murphy Dunne as Academy Security Officer / Freighter Captain 5 / QeynoHo
  • John Shull as Academy First Officer / Hovak Captain / Starbase 3
  • James Horan as Academy Marine Commander / Starbase 4 / Wingman 2 / Romulan Captain 2
  • Jamie Alcroft as Civil War Weapons Officer / Freighter Captain 2 / Altair Star Captain / Soorex
  • Lex Lang as Civil War First Officer / Hopogh Captain / Federation Commander 4
  • Brad Sanders as Academy Medical Officer / Freighter Captain 3 / Wingman 7 / Captain Ignatius Wright
  • Ron Taylor as Civil War Science Officer / Mobile Cargo Captain
  • Phil Proctor as Civil War Helm Officer / Tako / Commander Roq
  • Ron Feinberg as Civil War Medical Officer / WuHey / Federation Commander 1
  • Sean Smith as Academy Science Officer / HoDlytl Officer / Adel Radsek
  • Michael Clarke Duncan as Opening Movie Klingons


  • Produced by: Raphael Hernandez
  • Line Producer: Rene Hakiki
  • Game Design: Ron Hodge, Brent Kollmansberger, Steve McLafferty
  • Lead / 3D Programmer: John Panettiere
  • Lead Artist: Perry Scalf
  • AI / Physics Programmer: Robert Coultrip, PhD
  • Interface Programming: Mark Murakami
  • Sound Programming: Jude Greer
  • 3D Art: Manuel Salazar, Kurt Rauer, Chris Regalado, Mark Bergo
  • Mission Scripting: Danien Chee, Rene Hakiki, Chad Nicholas, Danny Stanley, Steve McLafferty
  • Story by: Raphael Hernandez, Brent Kollmansberger, Ron Hodge
  • Film Script by: Raphael Hernandez
  • Multiplayer Coding By: Wombat Games
    • For Wombat Games: Jason Spangler, Rick Delashmit
  • Additional Programming: Mike Kelleghan, Intermetrics
  • Additional Art: Arlene Somers, Pete Meihuizen, Evan Chantland, Tony Martin, Cornelia Magas
  • Additional Mission Scripting: Chuck Cuevas, Will Lebus, Grant Dai
  • Main Menu Script: Danien Chee
  • Training Mission Scripting: Chad Nicholas
  • In-Game Movie Scripting: Steve McLafferty
  • Multiplayer Mission Scripting: Danien Chee
  • Media Resource Management: Rene Hakiki
  • Installer: Daniel Stanley
  • Game Manual: Ron Hodge
  • Division Head: Brian Christian

Interplay Entertainment Corp

  • Marketing: Stacy Bremmer, Paul Naftalis
  • Creative Services Manager: Kathy Helgason
  • Production Manager: Thom Dohner
  • Traffic Manager: Brian Harkins
  • Package Layout and Design (US): Schlieker Design
  • Public Relations: Heather McLaughlin
  • Project 'Grandfather': James Boone

14 Degrees East

  • Director of Technology: Eric Whelpley
  • Film Script Editing: D.C. Fontana

Quality Assurance

  • Directors of Quality Assurance: Jeremy S. Barnes, Michael Motoda
  • QA Managers: Greg "Moose" Baumeister, "Junga" Dave Simon
  • QA Division Operations Manager: Monica Vallejo
  • QA Project Supervisors: Erick "Vampire" Lujan, Cory "Faerl" Nelson, Doug Finch
  • QA Senior Testers: Erick "Sonic Pooh" Guenther, Eric "Fillabuster" Fong, Kevin "Daulton" Osburn
  • QA Testers: Mark "Fezzik" Pfeiffer, Eric "Eraser" Pribish, Bradley "Devil Doll" Dutton, Joe "Mystic" Isip, Harold "Dragonball" Kim, Devin "Mother-Animal" Vink, Erik "Bomber" Hernandez, John "Random" Hoover, Seth "Moonchilde" Baker, Albert "Teknojedi" Perez, David "Hunter" Vodhanel, Belinda "Vexen" Berglof, Erik "Crow" Markham, David "Marikus" Webb, Brock "Dolomite" Heinz, David "Chewy" Farias
  • QA IS Technicians: Bill "So-Lo" Delk, Tom "The Major" Quast
  • Compatibility Manager: Darrell Jones
  • Compatibility Technicians: Derek Gibbs, Joshua Walters, David Parkyn, John Parker

Interplay Audio

  • Supervising Sound Designer/Editor: Adam Levenson
  • Supervising Mastering Engineer: Craig Duman

In-Game Audio

  • Music Composed and Conducted by: Inon Zur
  • Performed by: Members of the Seattle Philharmonic and Chorus
  • Music Editing by: Rick Jackson, Ron Valdez, Pull
  • Dialog Editing by: Frank Szick, Stephen Miller
  • Additional Mastering by: Frank Szick


  • VO Direction and Casting by: Chris Borders
  • VO Recorded At: Screenmusic Studios
  • VO Engineer: Ernie Sheesley

Cinematics Audio

  • Music by: Rick Jackson
  • Additional Music by: Albert Olson
  • Additional Music Mixing by: Rick Winquest
  • Foley Recorded at EFX by: Eric Thompson (Foley Mixer), Sean Row (Foley Artist)
  • Dialog and Foley Editing by: Eight Ball Sound, Adam Levenson, Chris Borders
  • Location Sound Supervision by: Chris Borders
  • Audio Director and Re-recording Mixer: Charles Deenen
  • Audio Administrator: Gloria Soto
  • Mixed at Interplay Entertainment in Dolby Surround

Interplay Video

  • Video Services Provided by: Dave "AVID master" Cravens, Bill "Compress this!" Stoudt, Dan "You want it when" Williams

Interplay Technology

  • Audio and Video Compression Technology: Paul Allen Edelstein
  • DirectSound 3D Programmer: Darren Monahan
  • Additional Programming Tools: John Morgan

Viacom Consumer Products

  • Paramount Pictures Liaisons Director, Product Development-Interactive & Technology: Harry Lang
  • Supervisor, Product Development-Interactive & Technology: Dan Felts
  • Klingon Mission Builder: Brian Aamot, Brainwave
  • Live Action Film Production provided by An Ideal World

An Ideal World

  • Producer: Lou Chagaris
  • Director: Robb Hart
  • Artist: Geanie
  • Line Producer: Jon Shigematsu
  • Assistant Director: Mike K.
  • 2nd Assistant Director: Mike M.
  • Director of Photography: Rich Shaefer
  • First Assistant Camera: Brian Rupp
  • Video Tech: Hollywood Nat.
  • Tape OP: Mark Koonce
  • Gaffer: Greg Kindrick
  • Best Boy Electric: Hollywood Nat.
  • Key Grip: Joachim Barnreuther
  • Grip: Stan Gerber
  • Painter: Hollywood Nat.
  • Script Supervisor: Katy Dowdalls
  • 2nd Camera: Tom Denovie
  • Stunt Coordinator: Doc Duhame
  • Carpenter: Mike Wagstaff
  • Audio: Phil Brown
  • 2nd Audio: Valerie Stulman
  • Boom: Brian Porlier
  • Make-Up: Richard Snell, Belinda Bryant
  • Wardrobe: Kim Shull
  • Wardrobe Assistants: Renne, Mary Ellen
  • Teleprompt: Sharon Ruiz
  • First Aid: Scott Baron
  • Key Production Assistant: Manny Michel
  • Production Assistant 2: Andy Cheung
  • Production Assistant 3: Darryl Garcia
  • Craft Services: Anita Lyman
  • Hair: Josee Normad
  • Hair Assistants: Charlotte, Norma
  • Casting: Ron Surma, Star Trek Production at Paramount

Special Thanks

Developer Relations Special Thanks
  • Brian Bruning, 3dfx
  • Vaughn Rhodes, Rendition
  • John Kim, Diamond Multimedia
  • Chris Donahue, nVidia
  • Jay Stocking, nVidia
  • Jim Clardy, NEC Electronics Inc.
  • Bill Gavlicek, Creative Labs, Inc.
  • Brett Schneff, Microsoft
Special Scripting Thanks
  • Chris Holland
  • Tom French

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