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The Star Trek: Light-and-Sound Borg Cube is a starship miniature with an accompanying 2.5 × 3-inch reference book.

Produced and published by Running Press' Miniature Editions imprint, the miniature of a Borg cube is 4.3 cubic centimeters, battery-powered and principally made of plastic. On its stand, the model is 7.3 centimeters tall.

When a button on the bottom of the vessel is pushed, a green internal LED is illuminated (viewable through cutouts in the hull) while one of four audio clips play. Two of these brief clips feature the combined voice of the Borg Collective and two are assemblages of sound effects from TNG.



Publisher's description
Star Trek fans and collectors will love this one-of-a-kind, mini-size collectible Borg cube with light and sound.
The Borg cube is a cube-shaped spacecraft that is one of the largest, most powerful and fastest vessels in the Star Trek Galaxy. Kit includes:
  • Light-up Borg cube with sound
  • Display base
  • 48-page book on the history of Borg cubes and full-color photos

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