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Lower Decks redirects here; for the TNG episode of the same name, please see "Lower Decks".
LDS redirects here; for the drug Kirk mistakenly referred to with those initials, please see LSD.

Star Trek: Lower Decks is the ninth main series set in the Star Trek universe, the tenth including the companion series Star Trek: Short Treks, and the twelfth Star Trek series overall. It is the second series to be entirely animated, after Star Trek: The Animated Series, with episodes running half an hour, and the third series to have animated episodes, after Short Treks. Lower Decks is the first original animated series commissioned by CBS All Access, as well as the first produced by the new CBS animation arm, CBS Eye Animation Productions, and was announced in October 2018, with All Access committing to a two-season order. [1]

Created by Mike McMahan, the series is an adult animation comedy produced in association with Titmouse, Inc. and forms part of Alex Kurtzman's five-year deal with CBS to expand the Star Trek franchise. Lower Decks focuses on "the support crew serving on one of Starfleet's least important ships." [2]

The show takes place aboard the California-class USS Cerritos on the "lower decks". [3] The show's time period is described as the Star Trek: The Next Generation-era, more specifically 2380, after Star Trek Nemesis. [4] [5]

A full-length trailer was released on 12 July 2020. [6]

The first season was nominated for the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Animated Series. [7]

In April 2021 it was announced that Lower Decks had been renewed for a third season. [8]

McMahan has acknowledged that some fans have referred to the four leading characters as "the warp core four," though the production team's shorthand for them is "The Lower Deckers." [9]

John Van Citters has chosen "LDS" as the series' official abbreviation, while also alluding to it being a reference to Kirk's line about LSD in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. [10] This is consistent with the three letter abbreviations for other series, though no "official" abbreviations have been given for Star Trek: Short Treks, After Trek, or The Ready Room. MA will use the abbreviation "LD" for Lower Decks to remain consistent with using the first letter in titles with more than one word after Star Trek.

On 18 January 2022 it was announced that Lower Decks had been renewed for a fourth season.

Cast of characters

The ensigns of Lower Decks

The command crew of the USS Cerritos


Special guest stars

Additional recurring characters

Opening credits

The opening credits for Star Trek: Lower Decks contain imagery of the USS Cerritos passing near various spatial phenomena, often with deleterious effects.

Episode list

Season 1

LD Season 1, 10 episodes:

Title Episode Prodno. Stardate Original Airdate
Second Contact 1x01 LD-1001 57436.2 2020-08-06
Envoys 1x02 LD-1002 Unknown 2020-08-13
Temporal Edict 1x03 LD-1003 57501.4 2020-08-20
Moist Vessel 1x04 LD-1004 57538.9 2020-08-27
Cupid's Errant Arrow 1x05 LD-1005 57601.3 2020-09-03
Terminal Provocations 1x06 LD-1006 57663.9 2020-09-10
Much Ado About Boimler 1x07 LD-1007 57752.6 2020-09-17
Veritas 1x08 LD-1008 Unknown 2020-09-24
Crisis Point 1x09 LD-1009 Unknown 2020-10-01
No Small Parts 1x10 LD-1010 Unknown 2020-10-08

Season 2

LD Season 2, 10 episodes:

Title Episode Prodno. Stardate Original Airdate
Strange Energies 2x01 LD-2001 Unknown 2021-08-12
Kayshon, His Eyes Open 2x02 LD-2002 58001.2 2021-08-19
We'll Always Have Tom Paris 2x03 LD-2003 Unknown 2021-08-26
Mugato, Gumato 2x04 LD-2004 58036.4 2021-09-02
An Embarrassment Of Dooplers 2x05 LD-2005 58053.9 2021-09-09
The Spy Humongous 2x06 LD-2006 58105.1 2021-09-16
Where Pleasant Fountains Lie 2x07 LD-2007 Unknown 2021-09-23
I, Excretus 2x08 LD-2008 Unknown 2021-09-30
wej Duj 2x09 LD-2009 Unknown 2021-10-07
First First Contact 2x10 LD-2010 58130.6 2021-10-14

Season 3

LD Season 3, 10 episodes:

Title Episode Prodno. Stardate Original Airdate
Episode 21 3x01 LD-3001 Unknown 2022-08-25
Episode 22 3x02 LD-3002 Unknown 2022-09-01
Episode 23 3x03 LD-3003 Unknown 2022-09-08
Episode 24 3x04 LD-3004 Unknown 2022-09-15
Episode 25 3x05 LD-3005 Unknown 2022-09-22
Episode 26 3x06 LD-3006 Unknown 2022-09-29
Episode 27 3x07 LD-3007 Unknown 2022-10-06
Episode 28 3x08 LD-3008 Unknown 2022-10-13
Episode 29 3x09 LD-3009 Unknown 2022-10-20
Episode 30 3x10 LD-3010 Unknown 2022-10-27

Season 4

LD Season 4, 10 episodes: Template:LD Season 4


Production companies



Season 1
Season 2
Season 3


Eaglemoss/Hero Collector revealed that the USS Cerritos, USS Titan, and USS Vancouver have been manufactured as starship miniatures and confirmed that its Lower Decks ships line would debut at retail in January 2022. [11] [12]

These three starships are also explored in the second edition of the company's Star Trek: Shipyards - Starfleet Ships 2294 to the Future reference book, which was released in August 2021. [13]

On 13 July 2021, ViacomCBS Consumer Products and Playmates Toys jointly announced that the latter had acquired new licensing for "action figures, vehicles and ships, role play and other toy categories", and slated the first of these products for retail release in 2022. Among other Star Trek series and films, this licensing encompasses Lower Decks, Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Picard, and Star Trek: Prodigy. [14]


Star Trek: Lower Decks has been nominated for one Emmy Award, in the category of "Outstanding Sound Editing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (Half-Hour) And Animation".

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