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Star Trek: Lower Decks Logs is a social media companion to Star Trek: Lower Decks that started during Season 2.

It consists of weekly personal logs of the crew of the USS Cerritos in short videos released to the social media website Instagram. [1].

Video list[]

  • T'Ana (released 10 August 2021, following "No Small Parts")
    • "Chief medical officer's log, stardate who the [REDACTED] cares?
      So get this: Peanut Hamper – am I saying that right? Stupid name – bugged out in the middle of a big battle. But I'm gonna admit, she was an impressive, talented surgeon. Skilled ensigns are hard to come by, FOR SOME [REDACTED] REASON I INTIMIDATE THEM. You can be a hypospray savant, but if you don't have guts, it's all worthless. You wouldn't believe what dangerous [REDACTED] happens on a starship...
      Like to beautiful, muscular security officers – OH MY SWEET SHAXS! Why did you have to sacrifice yourself, you succulent dummy? I was going to curl up and take a nap on your back! [REDACTED] this, I need a bowl of cream.
      " [2]
  • Sam Rutherford (released 10 August 2021, following "No Small Parts")
    • "Personal log, stardate 57925.4.
      People told me the craziest thing happened today! A bunch of Pakleds attacked the ship and Shaxs and I saved the day!
      But he got blown up and my implant got ripped off… I heard all this second hand because I lost all my memories. But that's okay! I just met this really cool Orion, apparently she's my best friend. I can see why – she's amazing! I still have all my memories from before the
      Cerritos… mostly. Like, I swear they moved the bathrooms! Okie dokie! I gotta go, I have a date with… uhm. Wait… who do I have a date with? Oh man, I better ask around! Hey Tendi, did you see me ask anyone out today?!" [3]
  • Carol Freeman (release 10 August 2021, following "No Small Parts")
    • "Captain's log, supplemental.
      Repairs are finally complete on the
      Cerritos. As requested, she's been slightly improved in every way, but not so much that she doesn't still look like the ship I know and love. The Pakleds really did a number on us. If it wasn't for the quick thinking of the crew and a last minute save by the Titan, I don't think I'd be here to make this log. I've got to step up my game. Get noticed by command. On a personal note, I just spent three long hours listening to Captain Riker tell my daughter totally exaggerated stories about when I was her age. He calls me his Cha'DIch, which he knows I hate, Ugh, whatever. Oh, great, he's calling me again. I've got to get back to the bar before my daughter learns too much." [4]
  • Jack Ransom (released 17 August 2021, following "Strange Energies")
    • "Personal log, stardate 57995.8.
      I just spent many, many hours with the Apergosian high leader, trying to get him to settle on a subspace ID number. The one he ended up choosing? Not my cup of tea. Sure, I was imbued with godlike powers, and I did twist and transform the locals into simulacrums of myself – but even then, you gotta keep your eye on the ball: that's no reason to go with a number that doesn't sing. I guess I did get carried away today. Literally, into space, when I turned into a giant [REDACTED] head. But I learned something important. The
      Cerritos is my home, not my [REDACTED] chew toy. I'm still adjusting to the captain and Mariner's new work dynamic, but being God Ransom showed me that I'm happy with who I am, and where I am. I also got the see my hairline reflected in the shields and I gotta say I looked amazing. I would have worshipped me too." [5]
  • Beckett Mariner (released 25 August 2021, following "Kayshon, His Eyes Open")
    • "Personal log, stardate 58001.2.
      Had some trouble today with a collector ship but whatever, the big news is Boims the betrayer is back on the
      Cerritos! You know the real winner here is Jet. Truly, I mean it can take years for me to let someone get close, truly, I was going to make his life a living hell. Now, Jet's free and I can focus my energy on being pissed that Boimler abandoned me to go the Titan! You know what feels like order is restored, everything just feels right. And yeah, I mean maybe I sort of missed the purple jerk, but that's like one percent of one percent of the anger. Okay! Whatever! Shut up! Leave me alone.
      Boimler has a lot of work to do to get back on my good side. The best part is, he KNOWS he messed up.
      Figuring out creative ways to get back at him is going to give me life.
      " [6]
  • D'Vana Tendi (released 31 August 2021, following "We'll Always Have Tom Paris")
    • "Personal log, stardate 58018.8.
      You're not going to believe this, but Mariner and I realized we'd never gone in a one-on-one mission together! I'm getting to know her as more than just a cool badass. Ok, maybe she still is, but not as mysterious: now I can name the ships she's served on. I've also gotten to share a little more of my Orion background with her – now I just gotta figure out how to get her to stop calling me "Mistress of the Winter Constellations" – and I know she's just kidding, but I don't want anyone hearing that! We're both learning, which is the whole point of being in Starfleet. Gotta go meet Mariner at the bar! We've been talking acid punk and are now moving on to a totally different genre – Klingon acid rock. Girls drinks!
      " [7]
  • Brad Boimler (released 7 September 2021, following "Mugato, Gumato")
    • "Personal log. Rutherford and I handled the illicit mugato harvest on Frylon IV through a delicate dance of negotiation; we used our diplomath skills and... and... we met a really cool Tellarite named Patingi, and he died trying to explain mugatos to us! I thought I'd pay my respects to him and at least learn a little about his life. I did some research and found out that Patingi was brave, like, really brave. Sure, he didn't really know that much about mugatos, but he didn't let that stop him. He was out there because he thought he could use his book smarts instead of real world experience! That's like, what I have to do! But, you know, not get my head eaten. At the end of the day, you gotta follow your passions. Which is why, even though it's really going to hurt, I'm going to keep practicing anbo-jyutsu and challenge Mariner to a rematch. FOR PATINGI." [8]
  • Shaxs (released 14 September 2021, following "An Embarrassment Of Dooplers")
    • "Personal log, stardate 58053.9.
      We just beamed back from Starbase 25. After a long day of herding a swarm of hopped up Dooplers, the bridge crew let off some steam at one of the base's dive bars. I've seen unspeakable horrors in my day, but nothing compares to Dr. T'Ana after five Romulan whiskeys. I don't know how getting drunk gives her so much energy! Somehow she got into the aviary! Luckily, I was able to pry the avians from her claws with minimal damage, but those birds nearly walked with the Prophets tonight. Ugh – is there anything that can cure this hangover? Usually I'd go straight to sickbay, but if I feel this bad, I can't imagine the mood Dr. T'Ana's in. Probably safer just to replicate some waffles.
      " [9]
  • T'Ana (released 21 September 2021, following "The Spy Humongous")
    • "Stardate: I don't know, eight, who cares. I just spent an entire night treating – what's his name? Purple hair, brittle bones... Ensign Boimler. Apparently he burned himself on hot replicated beans? Ugh I don't want to know what freaky [REDACTED] those Lower Deckers get up to. That's a whole night, gone. I had a romantic holodeck night planned with Shaxs – that's OUR time, the guy has been on FIRE since he's come back from the dead. But no, instead I'm at work, arm deep in [REDACTED], healing mantis lacerations and pig bites. I didn't work this hard to come this far to ice Ensign Boimler's sprained coccyx! [REDACTED]. Calmdown, T'Ana, you're getting too wound up again. Where the hell is my [REDACTED] yarn!? I NEED MY YARN, STAT." [10]
  • Sam Rutherford (released 28 September 2021, following "Where Pleasant Fountains Lie")
    • "Personal log, stardate 58109.3. Or should I say DRAGONdate. So it turns out Billups is from a planet full of castles and dragons, how cool is that? And I got to go and help fix the engines on his mom's fancy Hysperian Cruiser! Sure, it was all a trap to try and get him to have sex and take the throne, but you know how rare it is to get to work on a whole new engine? Ooh, baby, it was worth it!
      After we figured out what was going on, all the engineers chanted for Billups for like ten minutes straight. Then he made his mom give us all a feast: so I got to do two feasts in one day! It was super fun, and the court jester fell over his chair on purpose!
      Oops, I gotta go, a jousting tournament's about to begin. It's probably another of the Queen's tricks, but who cares? Billups will never fall for that stuff!
      Billups! Billups! Billups!
      " [11]
  • D'Vana Tendi (released 5 October 2021, following "I, Excretus")
    • "Personal log, stardate 58114.8.
      Woof, that was close! Shari yn Yem tried to sabotage the
      Cerritos… but for a minute there I got to be senior medical officer, which was honestly really amazing! Now I know what not to do if I ever have to euthanize a Klingon.
      To be honest, I'm kind of worried about Boimler. He sort of hasn't been the same since the Borg encounter drill. The other night I woke up and saw him standing next to his bunk in the dark. His eyes were wide open and when I told him to go back to bed, he just kept saying 'Freedom is irrelevant'? I think I gotta get him to talk to Dr. Migleemo for some de-assimilation therapy.
      I'm sure he'll shake it off with a little time and a whole lot of pesto.
      " [12]
  • Carol Freeman (release 12 October 2021, following "wej Duj")
    • "Captain's log, supplemental. After an anomalous energy reading cut our warp short, we got pulled into an extremely odd altercation. I still don't understand why the Klingons would help the Pakleds… or why they arbitrarily stopped. Starfleet will sort it out, the bigger news is that Mariner and I had some much needed mother/daughter quality time today, and it went great! I need to make an effort to schedule mother/daughter socializing more often. Sure, we pretty much bickered the entire day... but we did it as a family. You know, I think I'll reserve the phaser range for the next warp, you know just so we can both blow off some steam." [13]
  • Beckett Mariner (released 20 October 2021, following "First First Contact")
    • "Personal log, stardate 58130.6.
      What the [REDACTED] just happened?! We just – We totally saved the day, but then a bunch of Starfleet security goons show up out of nowhere and arrest mom!? This is [REDACTED].
      Me and mom were just starting to trust each other. Like, like without forcing it! Yeah, we were getting along and BAM – military court ruins it. No. No. You know what, no. I can't trust Starfleet on this one. My mom's innocent, and I'm gonna make sure she's back in the command chair even if I have to go to Earth and bust that trial open myself.
      >Boimler! Wake up, we gotta research Starfleet law right now! I, Boimler! I SAID WAKE UP WE'RE HITTING THE BOOKS.
      " [14]
  • Matt [Warning! universal translator offline] (released 2 November 2021, following "First First Contact")
    • "Click click click click click!
      Click click click click. Squeak!
      Click click click click click. Click!
      Click click click, click click.
      Click click click click.
      Click click click, click click.
      Click! Click!
      " [15]
  • Brad Boimler (released 30 August 2022, following "Grounded")
    • "Personal log, stardate 58168.6.
      Hoo boy, feels good to be off Earth and back on a raisin-free
      Cerritos. Between Mandolina's self doubt and Lianne's obsession with showering together, it's a wonder that vineyard functions without me.
      With Captain Freeman's reputation restored, thanks to Starfleet's secret investigation into the Pakled bombing, we can finally get back to normal. I can't believe Mariner thought my logs were unusable in court – they're practically canon! So what if I include personal peaks and valleys? She's not perfect, she almost flew the
      Cerritos to Qo'noS! It was pretty intense…
      Speaking of intense, I thought Earth's atmosphere and familiar foods would help my gas situation, but it's only gotten worse.
      I'm scared. I'm in a never ending battle with my own body.
      " [16]
  • Jack Ransom (released 6 September 2022, following "The Least Dangerous Game")
    • "Personal log, stardate 58211.6.
      Another successful mission in the books. Sure, the engineers might have struggled on Dulaine, but I was able to swoop in right in the nick of time, and Mariner fell in with minimal back talk. And, of course, I did GREAT today. And you know what? Those Dulainian gods were pretty cool. After I showed Morgo my ripped obliques he totally mellowed out!
      Honestly, at the top of the mission, I thought Mariner was going to go rogue, but she proved me wrong. In fact, she was right about not leaving the liaising to our engineers. I think my influence and leadership skills are already inspiring her to be a better officer. By the time I'm through with her, Mariner might just be bridge material. Heck, she might even earn the most important spot on the ship: spotting me in the gym.
      " [17]
  • D'Vana Tendi (released 14 September 2022, following "Mining The Mind's Mines")
    • "Personal log, stardate 58256.8.
      Today was so so so so so great! I got to tell Captain Freeman to shut up! It was so intense, I think I might have blacked out for a second!
      Dr. T'Ana was right to believe in me, because I SAVED THE DAY! I knew something was off about that stupid stone pyramid. I can't believe the Scrubble and those outpost scientists were working together… I hate to say it, but why are outpost scientists always so creepy and weird?
      I'm still getting used to Dr. Migleemo as my senior science mentor.
      We may have different interests, but there is a lot I can learn from him. For example, today he explained the difference between marmalade, preserve, and jam… He's very focused on food, but he means well. Oops! I'm late for our dinner meeting! Bye, log!
      " [18]
  • Sam Rutherford (released 21 September 2022, following "Room for Growth")
    • "Personal log, stardate 58312.6.
      I feel great after a refreshing day spent fixing stuff on the
      Dove. Sure, I didn't actually relax at any point, but the captain seemed refreshed, and that's what matters!
      What I actually want to log about is the dang Minooki stuff.
      It feels like every other week the captain's being transformed into an ancient god, getting her brain expanded by a computer, or she's stuck in a cave. I don't know if she has to wash her hands more or stop touching ancient idols or what, but I'm starting to think she gets a kick out of metamorphosizing.
      Anyway, tomorrow is hot dog day and I–
      Tendi! I found Goopy! Seriously, the jar isn't working any more! I think Goopy's getting smarter!
      " [19]
  • Beckett Mariner (released 27 September 2022, following "Reflections")
    • "Personal log, stardate 58354.4
      I can't believe Ransom threatened us with a reassignment to stupid Starbase 80 today! Even for him, that's low. Starbase 80 is by far the WORST space station in the quadrant, and it doesn't even have any Gorn!
      Okay, so we were down on Tulgana IV today and Boims lost it on some outpost scientists who were talking [REDACTED] about Starfleet! It was awesome to see that nerd go to bat for what he believes in, even if he did blow his vocal cords. Plus, his little outburst actually got us a bunch of new recruits!
      And now, he's spending his first night alone in the brig! Baby Boims all grown up! I'm so proud. Weirdly, letting him loose really helped me keep it together. Not that I needed it, I just had enough of this stupid archeologist's self-righteous [REDACTED]. 'Oh, if you ever feel like the bureaucracy holding you back, give me a call…'
      Ugh! So pretentious! Get a real job! Stop raiding tombs, you weirdo!
      " [20]
  • D'Vana Tendi (released 4 October 2022, following "Hear All, Trust Nothing")
    • "Personal log, stardate 58456.4.
      Woof, it's good to be back on the
      Cerritos and not in a Karemma ship headed straight for the Gamma Quadrant with a loudmouth Orion.
      That guy was the worst.
      I guess I understand not being totally honest about where you're from… hmm.
      I still can't believe we were on Deep Space Nine! AGH!!! Rutherford and I were able to salvage the rest of our tour after Mesk left us alone to hang with the dabo crowd.
      To be honest, I was a little scared of Rutherford seeing me go full pirate but he's been super understanding. Knowing he doesn't care about what my family's like, it's just… you know… it's like really nice. But if Mariner finds out I pulled those badass moves, she'll lose her mind.
      I just got her to stop calling me Mistress of the Winter Constellations!
      She must never find out!
      Ah! Okay bye!
      " [21]
  • Carol Freeman (release 12 October 2022, following "A Mathematically Perfect Redemption")
    • "Captain's log, supplemental.
      After a bumpy first contact with the Areore–or technically second contact?
      Either way, we were able to establish peaceful and lasting communications with the Areore elders, who have proved willing to embrace their technological heritage.
      I mean, technically the Prime Directive wasn't violated and Starfleet did avert disaster with its intervention. I just can't believe we had to deal with that little exocomp's ego again! You would think drifting through the infinite void would make a person reflect, or grow just a little character, but no! Peanut Hamper was even more devious and selfish than before! I mean–
      She threatened to hail the Borg!
      I can only hope that Peanut Hamper uses her time at the Daystrom Institute wisely because this will be the last time she endangers my crew.
      " [22]
  • Brad Boimler (released 19 October 2022, following "Crisis Point 2: Paradoxus")
    • "Personal log.
      I'm still processing Ransom's news about William, my transporter clone. It just doesn't make sense – he had everything I thought I wanted... but then he died for no reason. You couldn't stage a more forgettable death.
      Computer, I thought I'd find answers in the holodeck, but the MacGuffin ended up being a fraud. Plus, I passed out and hit my mouth on the floor.
      Anyway, I probably should have taken a therapy break with Dr. Migleemo before crawling into a rock deity, but I don't know, I'm feeling a lot better either way.
      You know what? My movie ruled! Yeah, I learned that I can't worry about what's beyond my control or it'll keep me from truly living, but more importantly,
      Crisis Point II blew Mariner's stupid movie out of the water! YEAH! IN YOUR FACE!" [23]
  • Beckett Mariner (released 26 October 2022, following "Trusted Sources")
    • "Personal log, stardate…
      Technically, I don't need to record these anymore because I'm not in Starfleet.
      Surprise! I'm still going to log though because it just feels good. Not EVERYTHING from Starfleet was whack.
      So, the new gig: I'm a xenoarcheologist! Haha, jealous?
      I work with this ex-fleet badass, Petra, who I met when we got into a fight! Initially, I was quick to judge her on-the-nose khaki outfits, but she has her own ship, she does what she wants, and isn't beholden to any bureaucracy.
      Look, this wasn't my first idea. My mom kicked me off the
      Cerritos and I spent maybe 30 seconds on Starbase 80 before taking off because the whole place smelled like old shrimp. For the record, I didn't talk trash about the Cerritos to that reporter. I would never do that to my family.
      But that's ancient history.
      Speaking of which, I have to get back to unearthing an obelisk! It's covered in ancient writing and I'm pretty sure it's cursed!
      " [24]
  • Shaxs (released 1 November 2022, following "The Stars At Night")
    • "Personal log, stardate 58499.8.
      Repairs on Douglas Station are underway after a deadly assault carried out by the sinister Admiral Buenamigo's automated ships. Starfleet has a real problem with admirals either being saints or total egomaniacs out for their own gain. There's nothing I hate more than an evil admiral; they seem to crop up annually.
      I do have to admit that this time was special though, because I got to… eject the warp core! By the Prophets, it was everything I ever dreamed it would be! A two-story matter-anti-matter bomb shooting out of the bottom of the ship MID-WARP!
      And it never would have happened without Ensign Bradward Boimler. I can't believe I ever doubted the boy's
      That bear cub helped me realize a dream years in the making. He's a bridge buddy for life. Oh no, I'm getting emotional again, I… I have to go.
      " [25]

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