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Title screen for season 1

The opening title sequences for Star Trek: Lower Decks were designed to showcase the ship, the USS Cerritos, and quickly establish the tone of the first Star Trek comedy series. The theme was composed by Series Composer Chris Westlake.

Season 1

In the season one Blu-ray special features (The Main Title), series creator Mike McMahan explained that production knew the opening titles were going to represent a lot of the Cerritos's screen time given how short an episode would run.

Season 2

Altered final sequence

The title sequence was altered slightly for the show's second season. The sequence in which the Cerritos runs away from a battle between the several Borg cubes and Pakled Clumpships against several Romulan warbirds and Klingon Birds-of-Prey.

Series Composer Chris Westlake noted, for the second season, the team "got to re-record the theme [in 2021] with a live 60 person orchestra on the Sony scoring stage." [1]

For "wej Duj", which featured the lower decks aboard a Vulcan and a Klingon ship, McMahan had originally conceived of modifying the opening credits so that every card would show in alternating Vulcan language and Klingonese, unreadable to the viewer. "Because production was out of bandwidth" and it would have added more than a minute to the show's runtime, the idea had to be dropped. [2]