The New Adventures of the Starship Enterprise continue with stories focusing on the new crew in the new timeline that takes place between the first and second movies plus the story "After Darkness," which picks up where Star Trek Into Darkness leaves off, all with creative collaboration with writer/producer Roberto Orci! Collects issues #13-24 of the ongoing Star Trek series.

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  1. "Hendorff" (aka "The Redshirt's Tale")
  2. "Keenser's Story"
  3. "Mirrored, Part 1"
  4. "Mirrored, Part 2"
  5. "Bones"
  6. "The Voice of a Falling Star"
  7. "Scotty"
  8. "Red Level Down"
  9. "Star Trek After Darkness, Part 1"
  10. "Star Trek After Darkness, Part 2"
  11. "Star Trek After Darkness, Part 3"
  12. "Star Trek: Ongoing, Issue 24"

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