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Exploring the final frontier is one thing. Making a home there is another…

Star Trek: New Earth (continued as Star Trek: Challenger) is a series of novels published by Pocket Books, which ran for six books as part of a subseries (#89-94) in the Pocket TOS line.

The series depicted the events of a second five-year mission taking place between the events of Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Some major events shown are the switch to the newer Starfleet uniform design of the later movie, and James T. Kirk's reluctance to accept a position at the admiralty rather than as a starship captain.

The intention was for the Challenger series to become another ongoing original fiction series – however, its involvement in the Star Trek: Gateways crossover remains the only entry in the series to date.

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  1. TOS #89: Wagon Train to the Stars
  2. TOS #90: Belle Terre
  3. TOS #91: Rough Trails
  4. TOS #92: The Flaming Arrow
  5. TOS #93: Thin Air
  6. TOS #94: Challenger

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  • Commander Nick Keller (β)

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