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Star Trek: New Visions was an ongoing photonovel series from IDW Publishing by John Byrne. It used imagery from Star Trek: The Original Series to present new stories set during the series.

It followed on from the success of the "Strange New Worlds" one-shot, which included the New Visions header on its second printing.



  1. "The Mirror, Cracked"
  2. "Time's Echo"
  3. "Cry Vengeance"
  4. "Made Out of Mudd"
  5. "A Scent of Ghosts"
  6. "Resistance"
  7. "1971/4860.2"
  8. "The Survival Equation"
  9. "The Hollow Man"
  10. "Mister Chekov"
  11. "Of Woman Born"
  12. "Swarm"
  13. "The Hidden Face"
  14. "Sam"
  15. "The Traveler"
  16. "Time Out of Joint"
  17. "All the Ages Frozen"
  18. "What Pain It Is to Drown"
  19. "The Hunger"
  20. "Isolation"
  21. "The Enemy of My Enemy"
  22. "An Unexpected Yesterday"