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With the ancient art of paper folding, you can create starships of your very own!

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From the book jacket
Toys are getting increasingly expensive and complicated. Upon the creation of interactive games, the promise was held out that you could travel to other worlds, but it was still just a promise. You couldn't reach out, touch, feel, and truly interact with those places. Wouldn't it be great to be able to create a starship from something as vivid as your own imagination? A ship that you could hold, but was just a simple, inexpensive piece of paper? You could create and command a fleet of starships in just minutes.
An ancient art form can give you the ability to hold a piece of the final frontier in your own hands. Star Trek: Paper Universe presents easy-to-follow steps and clear explanations of classic origami techniques and folds. From a simple piece of paper you'll be able to create familiar vessels like the Starship Enterprise, a Klingon bird-of-prey, a Cardassian battle cruiser, or a Borg cube!
Star Trek: Paper Universe brings you a whole new way to create your own adventures. You'll be building your own starships, space station, and shuttlecraft at warp speed!

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