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Produced by Last Unicorn Games in 2000 during their period of rights to Star Trek roleplaying games, Star Trek: Red Alert! is a collectible component-style game based on the "DiskWars" game system produced by Fantasy Flight Games. The gameplay and parts also mirrored elements of the TNG and DS9 games produced by Component Game Systems.

Like other "collectible" or "customizable" games, the system is composed of "Starter Sets" and "Booster Packs". Each Starter Set consisted of a given starship from one of five races (Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Ferengi, and Cardassian), its crew and specialized equipment. Booster packs apparently included additional ships, crewmembers and equipment. (Advertising for the game claimed 48 different ships from the five races were created for the game, but there is no clear information showing if all the ships were ever released.)

Only eight known Starter Sets were produced, as follows:

  • Romulan Ships
    • D'delean (Meret-class Cruiser)
    • T'Laratex (T'Rasus-class Cruiser)

It is presumed the other forty ships – including several Borg vessels – were put out in the Booster packs.

Like their RPG, LUG halted production on Red Alert! when they lost their license to produce Trek-related gaming stuffs. No other producer has decided to take up producing the game to date, although fan interest in the game continues to endure.

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