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Star Trek: Ships of the Line (2007) is the 2007 edition of the Star Trek: Ships of the Line calendar series. Events depicted in this calendar are not considered to be canon.


Featuring fourteen pieces of Star Trek art not available anywhere else and created exclusively for this calendar, the Star Trek Ships of the Line 2007 Calendar will continue to delight and amaze fans with its stunning, unique renditions of one of the most fascinating parts of the Star Trek universe. Commemorating the twentieth anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, this edition of the Ships of the Line calendar will be sought out by fans and collectors alike.

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All images except September's are done in CGI. "Captain's Arrival" is done by hand.,

Background information

The February, centerfold, and September images did not appear in the 2014 edition of the Ships of the Line. For that edition, several of the included images were re-named:

  • Stetson's "Hit in the Heels" to "Showdown at Veridian III"
  • Teska's "The Secret of Farpoint" to "Joy and Gratitude"
  • Perez's "Neutral Zone" to "The Gauntlet"
  • Bonchune's "Deployed" to "Dream of Flight"
  • Drolet's "Last Flight of the Columbia" to "Resting Place"
  • Dochterman's "Farthest Star" to "Beyond the Farthest Star"
  • Drexler and Okuda's "Sea Trial, Duty" to "Altair"
  • Kuramura's "Armagosa Armageddon" to "Quantum Mystery"
  • Pienkos' "Solar Observation" to "Appointment with Destiny"


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