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Star Trek: Ships of the Line (2012) is the 2012 edition of the Star Trek: Ships of the Line calendar series.


Publisher's description
The Star Trek: Ships of the Line 2012 Wall Calendar gives Star Trek fans something they can't get anywhere else: fourteen pieces of Star Trek art–created exclusively for the calendar–centered around one of the most fascinating and exciting components of the Star Trek universe, its ships. Displaying amazing artistry, dramatic depictions of Star Trek's ships, and featuring a horizontal, panoramic format, this calendar is highly sought after and eagerly anticipated.

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Frey's work was a CGI version of Probert's painting he had done for, among others, The Making of the Trek Films.

Background information

  • This outing constituted somewhat of a departure from the previous ones, as about half of the spreads of the featured major ships in the calendar were non-canon, whereas in the previous edition that was limited to one or at the most two. Non-canon starships were more regularly and in greater numbers featured from this issue onward.
  • This was the last edition published under franchise ownership in the guise of Pocket Books, and for a short time the continued existence of the series was in doubt before Editor-in-Chief Drexler was able to divulge that a new owner, Universe Publishing, had been given a license to continue the publication.
  • For the 2014 edition of the Ships of the Line, several images were renamed:
    • Drexler's "Drake Was Right" to "Encounter at Daybreak"
    • Rademaker's "Planck-class – Shakedown" to "Max Planck"
    • Pandhi and Drexler's "Relics" to "Dyson Sphere"
    • Wilde's "Sighted Son'a – Sank Same" to "Dedication and Determination"
    • Wray's "Botany Bay" to "Final Entry"

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