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Star Trek: Ships of the Line (2014) is the 2014 edition of the Star Trek: Ships of the Line calendar series.


Publisher's description
A longtime favorite among serious Trekkers and casual fans alike, the Star Trek 2014 Wall Calendar: Ships of the Line has what you can't get anywhere else – spectacular, eye-popping full-color illustrations of the sleek vessels, monumental space stations, and epic starscapes from across the Star Trek universe. Each spread takes the viewer straight into the very heart of Starfleet.
Fourteen beautifully rendered, all new paintings and digital illustrations feature all the action, space drama, and painstaking detail for which these fan-favorite conceptual artists have become famous within the Star Trek community.
Great moments from Starfleet history – including first encounters, iconic battles, and early milestones in interstellar exploration – are brought to vivid life.
Star Trek: Ships of the Line's horizontal, panoramic format maximizes the image space without sacrificing usability or detail.
Bonus center poster included!

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Painting, rather than CGI.
  • June ("Painting) – An unidentified Federation starship in orbit of a class-M planet while an individual in a spacesuit paints the vessel from a moon or asteroid in orbit of the same world, by Leonard A. Emery.
  • Centerfold ("The Shape of Things to Come") – The USS Enterprise-J in space, by Doug Drexler and Michael Murray.
  • July ("Orbital Scout") – A shuttlecraft departs a Starfleet vessel, registry number NCC-76890, by Dan Uyeno.
  • August ("The Battle of Hell's Mouth") – The USS Repulse is ensnared by a space monster over a class-M planet, by D.M. Phoenix.
  • September ("Rio Grande Departing") – The runabout Rio Grande departs Deep Space 9 while an Excelsior-class ship is stationkeeping nearby, by Tobias Richter.
  • October ("Mars in One Minute Twenty Five Seconds") – The IXS Enterprise moves out of Mars orbit, by Mark Rademaker.
Not technically a Star Trek image.
  • November ("NX Bound for Refit") – An NX-class starship in space, ostensibly on course for Earth for a refit, by Doug Drexler and Ali Ries.
  • December ("Her Journey Ends Never") – The Enterprise-E moves through a solar system, by Alain Rivard.

Background informationEdit

  • This is the second outing in the Ships of the Line calendar series, which saw an internationally released variant edition, published by Danilo Promotions Limited for the UK and the Commonwealth. As with the previously released edition, it was still an amalgam of images featured in various previous US calendar editions (not all of them from the Ships of the Line series), with additional editorial differences; the UK edition still lacked the Ships of the Line subtitle as well as the centerfold, but this time the interior art was less encumbered by text imprints as the individual dates were now printed in a separate bar, a format henceforth adhered to by the UK versions for subsequent outings in the calendar series.
  • For the 2014 edition of the Ships of the Line book derivative, several images were re-named:
    • Drexler's "The Gathering Storm" to "Lynchpin"
    • Uyeno's "Orbital Scout" to "Departure"
  • The artist Michael Murray was identified as Chris Murray in the Ships of the Line (p. 346).
  • The May image did not appear in the 2014 edition of the Ships of the Line.


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