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Star Trek: Ships of the Line (2021) is the 2021 edition of the Star Trek: Ships of the Line calendar series.


Star Trek: Ships of The Line 2021 Wall Calendar HORIZONTALLY-formatted calendar is dedicated to showcasing spectacular images of the most famous vessels from the iconic franchise in a variety of iconic scenes and settings.
The panoramic calendar opens horizontally to maximize the detail and drama of each stunning piece of Star Trek art.

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This title is a reference to a quote from Spock as the Enterprise approached the galactic barrier in "Where No Man Has Gone Before".
Note: this image is a painting rather than CGI, as is customary for Eaves.

Background information

  • The cover featured repurposed imagery that Doug Drexler had originally created in 2013 as box cover art for a model kit (No. POL902) from Polar Lights.
  • The starfield background of Cushman's technifold is created by Ali Ries, and is accompanied by orthographic size comparison blueprint views of the Bird-of-Prey and the original USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), created by Gary Kerr and Petri Blomqvist.
  • This was the first outing in the Ships of the Line calendar series that did not see a variant edition release by Danilo Promotions Limited for the UK and the Commonwealth since this version's introduction in 2013. It is not known whether or not this was a conscious company bussiness decision or that the release waiver was in any way related to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.


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