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Star Trek: Shipyards – Alpha Quadrant and Major Species: Acamarian to Ktarian, subtitled The Encyclopedia of Star Trek Ships, is a forthcoming hardcover reference book that was edited by Ben Robinson.

The seventh mass-market book in the Shipyards series and the first volume of the Alpha Quadrant and Major Species set within it, it is slated for publication on March 2022 by Eaglemoss Collections through Penguin Random House's Publisher Services division, under the former company's Hero Collector imprint.


Boldly go and explore the ally and enemy ships encountered by the Federation in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants in the newest Star Trek Shipyards book.
Hero Collector’s popular Star Trek Shipyards series continues with detailed looks at ships from the Alpha and Beta Quadrants as seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: The Original Series, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. First up? Ships of the Breen, Cardassians, and those pesky Ferengi. Each featured ship is profiled with technical details, in-universe operational history, and illustrated with plan-view CG renders, wherever possible utilizing the original VFX models created for the Star Trek shows and features from across the franchise’s remarkable 55 years.
This volume includes more than 40 ships, including the Anaxar cargo vessel, the Breen Warship, the Cardassian Bok’Nor, Cardassian military freighter, the Ferengi shuttle, the Gorn warship, the Husnok warship, and the Jem'Hadar battlecruiser.

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