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Star Trek: Shipyards – Federation Members, subtitled The Encyclopedia of Star Trek Ships, is a hardcover reference book that was co-authored by Ben Robinson and Marcus Riley.

The fourth mass-market volume in the Shipyards series, it was published by Eaglemoss Collections through Penguin Random House's Publisher Services division on 19 November 2019, under the former company's Hero Collector imprint.

This book was also published as a volume within the Star Trek: Shipyards - Starfleet & the Federation Box Set.

Summary Edit

Solicitation blurb
Star Trek Shipyards is a series of lavishly illustrated books that provide in-universe profiles of Star Trek ships, building into the ultimate illustrated encyclopedia of Star Trek vessels. Each ship is profiled with all available technical information, operational history and plan view CG renders – wherever possible using the original VFX models that were used on the TV shows and movies.
Federation Members is latest volume in the Star Trek Shipyards series. Features more than 30 ships from the United Federation of Planets and their in-universe history including Romulan, Bajoran, Xindi, Tellarite, Andorian, Medusan, and Vulcan ships.
Each ship is illustrated in CG artwork, including original VFX models made for the TV show, alongside a technical overview and operational history. Chapters include size charts, showing the ships to scale. An index lists ships, commanders and classes.

Excerpts of copyrighted sources are included for review purposes only, without any intention of infringement.

Contents Edit

  • Chapter 1: Vulcan Command Fleet
    • Vulcan Survey Vessel D'Vahl, p. 10
    • Vulcan Survey Ship, p. 16
    • Vulcan D'Kyr Type, p. 22
    • D'Kyr Support Craft, p. 28
    • Vulcan Surak Class, p. 32
    • Vulcan Ni'Var, p. 38
    • The Vahklas, p. 40
    • Vulcan Cruiser, p. 46
    • Vulcan T'Pau, p. 50
    • Vulcan T'Plana Hath, p. 56
    • Vulcan Sled, p. 60
    • Size Chart, p. 68
  • Chapter 2: Alpha and Beta Quadrant Species
    • Andorian Battle Cruiser, p. 72
    • Andorian Interceptor, p. 78
    • Tellarite Cruiser, p. 82
    • Tellarite Freighter, p. 88
    • Bajoran Solar Sailor, p. 92
    • Bajoran Raider, p. 98
    • Bajoran Assault Vessel, p. 104
    • Bajoran Freighter, p. 110
    • Trill Science Vessel, p. 116
    • SS Lakul, p. 120
    • Size Chart, p. 124
  • Chapter 3: Civilian Federation Ships
    • The Festoon, p. 128
    • Harry Mudd's Class-J Starship, p. 132
    • Medusan Ship, p. 136
    • SS Xhosa, p. 144
    • The Arcos, p. 150
    • Federation Holoship, p. 154
    • Size Chart, p. 160

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