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The Star Trek Shipyards - Starfleet and the Federation Box Set, subtitled The Encyclopedia of Star Trek Ships, is a "limited edition" three-volume set of mass-market hardcover reference books that was co-authored by Ben Robinson and Marcus Riley.

Published by Random House under Eaglemoss Collections' Hero Collector imprint, it is slated for release on 19 November 2019. [1]

Most of the content of these volumes was previously published in magazines created for Eaglemoss' Official Starships Collection and its Discovery spin-off.

A specially-designed slipcase, a dustjacket, and a fold-out 35 × 25-inch starship size chart poster will be included with the first, second and fourth volumes of the Shipyards series, as is listed below:

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Solicitation blurb
Limited edition three volume set of best-selling Shipyards series, featuring starships from Starfleet and the Federation. Includes designed slipcase and fold-out starship size chart poster.
  • Star Trek Shipyards: 2151-2293 - More than 250 years' worth of Starfleet ships and their Earth-operated precursors.
  • Star Trek Shipyards: 2294 to the Future - Starfleet vessels from the 24th century
  • Star Trek Shipyards: Federation Members - New for 2019, featuring ships of the United Federation of Planets
Limited edition box set with designed slipcase. Each book is a hardcover with dustjacket.
Large fold-out starship size chart poster included (approx. 35"x25").

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