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Star Trek: Shipyards – The Klingon Fleet, subtitled The Encyclopedia of Star Trek Ships, is a mass-market hardcover reference book that was co-authored by Ben Robinson, Marcus Riley, and Matt McAllister.

The third volume of the Shipyards series, it was published by Eaglemoss Collections through Penguin Random House's Publisher Services division on 1 May 2019, under the former company's Hero Collector imprint.

Summary Edit

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The Star Trek Shipyards series provides Star Trek fans with the first ever chronological guide to the starships from the television and film series. In this third volume, the ships of the Klingon fleet are explored from their first appearances in the original Star Trek television series through their most recent appearances in the hit new series Star Trek: Discovery.
A chronological history of the Klingon fleet from the Star Trek television programs and films, including the TV series Star Trek: Discovery.
Series Overview: The Star Trek: Shipyards series is an in-depth reference which includes technical overviews and service histories for each Starfleet ship, and is full of visual effects artwork from the television and film series.

Excerpts of copyrighted sources are included for review purposes only, without any intention of infringement.

Contents Edit

  • Chapter 1: 22nd Century
    • Klingon Defense Force Bird-of-Prey (2150s), p. 10
    • Klingon Raptor, p. 18
    • Klingon Battle Cruiser, p. 24
    • Klingon Augments' Ship, p. 30
    • Goroth's Starship, p. 36
    • Klingon 22nd Century Transport Ship, p. 42
    • Size Chart, p. 48
  • Chapter 2: 23rd and 24th Century
    • Klingon Bird-of-Prey, p. 52
    • Klingon Sarcophagus Ship, p. 56
    • Veqlargh Class, p. 60
    • Qugh Class, p. 64
    • 'Etlh Class, p. 68
    • Klingon Cleave Ship, p. 72
    • Bortas Bir Class, p. 76
    • Jach Class, p. 80
    • Klingon Raider, p. 84
    • Sech Class, p. 88
    • Batlh Class, p. 92
    • Daspu Class, p. 96
    • Qaw' Class, p. 100
    • Qoj Class, p. 104
    • Chargh Class, p. 108
    • Klingon D7-Class Battle Cruiser, p. 112
    • Klingon Defense Force Bird-of-Prey, p. 118
    • Klingon K't'inga Class Battle Cruiser, p. 126
    • Klingon Military Freighter, p. 134
    • Civilian Transport, p. 140
    • Klingon Defense Force Vor'cha Class, p. 144
    • Klingon Transport 2372, p. 150
    • Klingon Defense Force IKS Negh'var, p. 154
    • Size Chart, p. 160
    • Index, p. 164
    • Credits, p. 168

Background information Edit

Star Trek Shipyards The Klingon Fleet cover

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