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Star Trek: Short Treks is an anthology series of shorts set in the Star Trek universe, acting as a companion to Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard. It is the second Star Trek companion series, the eighth series set in the Star Trek universe, and the first series to feature both live-action and animated episodes.

Premiering in October 2018, four live-action episodes were released monthly, running approximately fifteen to twenty minutes each. The series was announced in July 2018 at San Diego Comic-Con, [1] [2] and details of the four initial shorts were revealed in September 2018. [3]

Following the conclusion of the second season of Discovery, it was initially announced that two new animated Short Treks would air in the spring of 2019. [4]

In a June 2019 interview, Alex Kurtzman stated that a total of six more episodes would be produced and air in the period prior to the premiere of the third season of Discovery. [5]

The series was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2020 for Outstanding Short Form Comedy Or Drama Series. [6]

Although a third season of Short Treks has not been announced, in August 2020 producer Alex Kurtzman said that he hoped more would be made. [7]


Each episode of ST has its own unique cast and the series does not carry over cast members. The following have been credited in multiple episodes of ST:

ST credited cast by episode:

Episode list

ST Season 1, 4 episodes
ST Season 2, 6 episodes

Title Episode Stardate Date Runtime (minutes) Original Airdate
Season One
Runaway 1x01 Unknown 2257 16 2018-10-04
Calypso 1x02 Unknown Far future 19 2018-11-08
The Brightest Star 1x03 Unknown 2239 15 2018-12-06
The Escape Artist 1x04 Unknown 2250s 16 2019-01-03
Season Two
Q&A 2x01 Unknown 2254 15 2019-10-05
The Trouble with Edward 2x02 1421.9 2250s 15 2019-10-09
Ask Not 2x03 Unknown 2250s 10 2019-11-14
Ephraim and Dot 2x04 Unknown 2267-2285 9 2019-12-12
The Girl Who Made the Stars 2x05 Unknown 2230s 8 2019-12-12
Children of Mars 2x06 Unknown 2385 9 2020-01-09


Promotional logo for the series


For season 2, CBS All Access released an artwork series based on the old Pocket Books TOS covers from the 1980s.

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