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Series of comics published by Marvel.


Star Trek: Starfleet Academy was a comic book series published by Marvel Comics (as part of a licensed line called "Paramount Pictures Comics"), running for 19 issues from December 1996 until June 1998.

This series followed "Omega Squad" and their days at Starfleet Academy. Omega Squad included Cadet Nog from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. This series included a special Klingon Language edition of issue 18, which was translated by Lawrence Schoen, Alan Anderson, and David Trimboli of the Klingon Language Institute.

The stardates of these stories place the series beginning during DS9 Season 4, just after Nog arrived at Earth (in DS9: "Little Green Men") and continue until a point in DS9 Season 6. The Star Trek: Starfleet Academy characters also appear in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine comics "Command Decisions" and "Day of Honor". Several canon characters and concepts were included in the stories, but much of the history and details were devised solely for these stories.



  1. "Prime Directives"
  2. "Liberty"
  3. "Loyalty Test"
  4. "War and Peace"
  5. "Love and Death"
  6. "Passages"
  7. "Hide & Seek"
  8. ""
  9. "Return to the Forbidden Planet"
  10. "Return to the Forbidden Planet, Part 2... A Prelude to War"
  11. "Judgment"
  12. "Renegades" – Part 1 of the Telepathy War series
  13. "Parents' Day"
  14. "Betrayal"
  15. "Origins"
  16. "The Fall"
  17. "Culture Clash"
  18. "mangHom qaD!" – This issue was published with both English and Klingon Editions. The title translates to "Cadet Challenge!"
  19. "Between Love and Hate"


Main cast

Matthew Decker
Human, member of the famous Decker family (including Commodore Matt Decker).
Ferengi. (#1-17)
Kamilah Goldstein(kia)
Human (#1-6)
Pava Ek'Noor Aqabaa
Edam Astrun
Betazoid (#6-19)
Kyethn Zund
Trill, Commander (Training Supervisor). (#1-17)

Other characters

Charles Evans
Human ensign (#8, 18 & 19)
Yoshi Mishima
Human (#1-2, 12, 14-17)
Christopher Pike
Reptilian alien cadet. (#17)


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