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The Star Trek: Starfleet Command series is a series of video games released by Interplay Entertainment and later Activision under the Star Trek: Starfleet Command name.

The first game, Star Trek: Starfleet Command, was released in 1999 by Interplay, and was based on Star Fleet Battles. It simulated fleet warfare in the Star Trek universe.

The following year, a sequel was released, Star Trek: Starfleet Command II - Empires at War. This release was popular enough that an standalone expansion was released in 2001 for it, Star Trek: Starfleet Command - Orion Pirates. This expansion pack was one of the final Star Trek game releases by Interplay.

Activision took over the franchise, releasing Star Trek: Starfleet Command III in 2002. This third, and final, game in the series was set immediately before the events of Star Trek Nemesis and dealt with a conflict between the newly strengthened Klingon/Federation Alliance and the Romulan Empire.

Unfortunately, Activision and Paramount became embroiled in a legal battle during this period, and the release of the game ended up being limited due to the dispute.

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