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The Star Trek: Starship Tactical Combat Simulator (STSTCS) was a tabletop strategy game put out by FASA to complement their Star Trek: The Role Playing Game.

This was a standalone game and it was not necessary to own the RPG to play. It was very similar to the Star Fleet Battles strategy game by Task Force Games / Amarillo Design Bureau.

It described combat for starships and differed somewhat from the original combat rules.


  • Rule Book
  • Master Control Panel (MCP) Book
  • Hex map
  • Dice
  • Starship counters

Starship data and combat charts

Ship data

Excelsior-class battleship
Andor-class cruiser
"Reliant"-class cruiser
Baker-class destroyer
Larson-class destroyer
Remora-class escort
Northampton-class frigate
Chandley-class frigate
Loknar-class frigate
"Gagarin"-class research vessel
"R-1" orbital defense outpost
Alamo-class defense outpost
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