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Star Trek: The Art of John Eaves is a reference book published by Titan Books. Written by Joe Nazzaro, and released in November 2018, the book showcases the work of Star Trek designer John Eaves from across his 30-year involvement with the franchise as production illustrator.

The release was officially announced on 20 June 2018. [1]


From the book backcover jacket
Over the past few decades, John Eaves has had a major impact on the look of the Star Trek Universe and played a pivotal role in shaping Gene Roddenberry's vision. Starting with his work on Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Eaves has worked as a production designer, illustrator, and model maker across the franchise. He has been responsible for creating many of the props and ships, and helped develop the Federation design, from the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E to the USS Discovery NCC-1031.
Star Trek: The Art of John Eaves represents the most extensive collection of designs and illustrations created by Eaves across the Star Trek Universe. Featuring fascinating pencil sketches and stunning concept art, this visually dynamic book gives fans a unique in-depth look into Eaves' creative vision and the wealth of his remarkable work at the center of this spectacular franchise.

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  • The hardcover in a dust-jacket book is executed in a coffee table book format, measuring 10.4×0.9×12.3 inches (26,3×2,3×31,2 cm), and weighing in at 3.5 pounds (1.6 kg).
  • While Nazzaro is credited as author, the texts were actually written by Eaves himself. Nazzaro's role was limited to edit Eaves' texts into a fluent narrative, as conceded by Nazzaro in his acknowledgements.

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