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Star Trek: The Card Game was a collectible card game produced by SkyBox in 1996. Following the success of Decipher's Star Trek Customizable Card Game, which was based on Star Trek: The Next Generation, SkyBox pursued and won the license to produce a card game based on Star Trek: The Original Series.

Unlike the CCG, where generic characters and ships were commonplace, and the principal characters were among the rarer cards, Star Trek: The Card Game included James T. Kirk, Spock, Leonard McCoy and the USS Enterprise in every starter pack. The starter packs comprised 60 playable cards, and one info card, which detailed actions and the turn phases. Booster packs featured 15 cards – two rare or ultra-rare, four uncommon, and nine common.

The first edition release covered the first season of The Original Series. An expansion pack, Starfleet Maneuvers, was produced later in 1996, covering the first half of season two. The game ultimately proved to be less successful than Decipher's efforts, and ceased production shortly thereafter. A second expansion pack had been planned, entitled Alien Encounters, but was cancelled along with the game. In 2000, Decipher acquired the Original Series rights, and incorporated them into the CCG.

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