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Star Trek: The Card Game – Starfleet Maneuvers was an expansion set for the Star Trek: The Card Game collectible card game, produced by SkyBox in 1996. The set covered the first half of season two of Star Trek: The Original Series.

This set consisted solely of booster packs featured 15 cards - however, unlike the first edition, the insertion of rare and ultra-rare cards was not consistent across all packs.

Skybox intended to release a Harry Mudd card in this set, however, the estate of Roger C. Carmel refused permission for his image to be used. A tribbles card was added as a replacement.

The game ultimately proved to be less successful than rival Decipher's efforts, and ceased production shortly after Starfleet Maneuvers was released. A second expansion pack had been planned, entitled Alien Encounters, but was cancelled along with the game. In 2000, Decipher acquired the Original Series rights and incorporated them into their Customizable Card Game.

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