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In April 2006, GE Fabbri debuted the Star Trek: The Figurine Collection, a partwork featuring painted ten to eleven centimeter-tall white metal figurines of prominent characters from the Star Trek universe.

A sixteen-page companion magazine was included with each 1:18 scale model, and only five issues saw a limited release through retail and subscription. Ben Robinson served as the project manager for this product line.

A dedicated display stand and figurines of Locutus and a member of Species 8472 were planned as gift premiums but were not put into mass production following the company's discontinuation of the line due to a "lack of interest".

Prototype figurines of Tom Paris, Seven of Nine, Benjamin Sisko, and a Jem'Hadar warrior appeared in the magazines but were not mass-produced or released to the public.

Market research conducted for this line indicated that the public would be more interested in starship miniatures than character figurines, providing GE Fabbri's successor company, Eaglemoss/Hero Collector, with the impetus to later commission the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection and its related partworks. The starships lines received a very positive response at retail but Eaglemoss' Star Trek: The Official Busts Collection did not fare as well and was discontinued after the release of twelve character busts. [1]


No. Cover Title Figurine
1 Star Trek The Figurine Collection issue 1.jpg Picard GE Fabbri 1 Picard figurine.jpg
2 Star Trek The Figurine Collection issue 2.jpg Spock GE Fabbri 2 Spock figurine.jpg
3 Star Trek The Figurine Collection issue 3.jpg Archer GE Fabbri 3 Archer figurine.jpg
4 Star Trek The Figurine Collection issue 4.jpg The Borg Queen GE Fabbri 4 Borg Queen figurine.jpg
5 Star Trek The Figurine Collection issue 5.jpg Worf GE Fabbri 5 Worf figurine.jpg