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Star Trek: The Lost Era is a series of novels published by Pocket Books. Originally a six-part series published between 2003 and 2004, a seventh novel was released in 2014. In addition, several other novels have been released as "tales [or sagas] of The Lost Era."


  1. The Sundered, featuring Hikaru Sulu on the USS Excelsior, 2298
  2. Serpents Among the Ruins, featuring USS Enterprise-B and the Tomed Incident, 2311
  3. The Art of the Impossible, covering the Betreka Nebula Incident, 23282346
  4. Well of Souls, featuring Rachel Garrett and the USS Enterprise-C, 2336
  5. Deny Thy Father, featuring William T. Riker on the USS Pegasus, 23552357
  6. Catalyst of Sorrows, featuring Nyota Uhura, Beverly Crusher, Benjamin Sisko, and Tuvok, 2360
  7. One Constant Star, featuring the Enterprise-B, 23032319

"Tales of The Lost Era"[]

Background information[]

  • The "Lost Era" concept was developed by Pocket editor Marco Palmieri, who defined it as the period of history between the apparent death of James T. Kirk aboard the Enterprise-B in 2293 and the launch of the Enterprise-D in 2363. (The Star Trek: Terok Nor miniseries extend past that point, to just prior to the events of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in 2369.)
  • In looking back over the initial six-novel series, Palmieri considered that his only regrets were "that there was less thematic variety among the stories than I was hoping for.", noting that "most of the things that had been established about those years were military in nature – wars, battles, etc. We knew far less about discoveries, first contacts, scientific breakthroughs, etc." Although the final novels all ultimately featured some form of conflict – which led Palmieri to muse in retrospect whether he should have pushed back further – he still considered them to be "a strong set of novels with some really outstanding storytelling". (Voyages of Imagination, p. 456)
  • A planned but unreleased novel would have featured Sisko on the USS Okinawa during the Tzenkethi War in the 2360s.

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