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Volume 2, Issue 6 of Star Trek: The Magazine was the October 2001 issue. The issue is dedicated to Gene Roddenberry.


Editors' Letter
This Month
News Review
DVD releases: The Original Series volumes 33 and 34.
Books: Doors Into Chaos, Demons of Air and Darkness.
Games: Star Trek: Starfleet Command - Orion Pirates.
VHS releases.
Interview - Patrick Stewart
Feature - Gene Roddenberry tribute
Column - John D.F. Black and Mary Black - "On the Frontier"
The Blacks discuss D.C. Fontana.
Star Trek Science - "Getting a Grip on Gravity"
André Bormanis looks at gravity.
Briefing - USS Enterprise-E
Main Engineering
Ready room
Observation lounge
Weapons and defenses
Escape pods
Ship's library
Warp nacelles
Environmental suits
35 Years of Star Trek
Timeline of the franchise.
Gene Roddenberry's vision of the future.
The Prime Directive.
The Shows.
The Movies.
Why has Star Trek lasted so long?: opinions from cast and crew.
Under the Microscope - Who is in the Federation?
Briefing - Tasha Yar
Behind the Scenes - Reinventing the Ferengi Part 2: The Melting Pot
Ira Steven Behr and Michael Piller discuss the evolving role and personality of the Ferengi in Deep Space Nine.
Briefing - The Voth
The species itself
Gegen's ship - interior and blueprints
Behind the Scenes - Rick Sternbach
Sternbach discusses his career wih the Star Trek franchise.
Includes design images for the Negh'Var warship, Deep Space 9, and others.
Briefing - Galactic Archaeology
The Origins of Humanoid Life
Kurlan naiskos
The Tox Uthat
Iconian gateways
The Delphi Ardu system
The Promellian battle cruiser
The D'Arsay
The D'Arsay archive
Merchandise - Star Trek: Starfleet Command - Orion Pirates
Readers' Pages
Back Issues
Star Trek Sets - "Three chairs for the bridge"
John Dwyer on sourcing the VIP chairs on the USS Enterprise-B's bridge for Star Trek Generations.

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