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The Star Trek: The Motion Picture Peel-Off Graphics Book is a trade paperback-sized book published by Wanderer Books that recreates many of the various graphics, symbols and labels used in Star Trek: The Motion Picture in sticker form as designed by its Graphic Designer, Lee Cole.


From the book jacket
The Human adventure is just beginning… get in on it!
Decorate your walls, books and windows at home, in the car, away at camp with these stunning graphics from Star Trek: The Motion Picture including the official uniform insignias of Captain James Kirk, Executive Science Officer Spock, Chief Navigator Ilia, the emblem of the Klingon Cruiser, Phaser Systems Caution label, and the official seal of the United Federation of Planets! Plus dozens more!

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Background information

  • The book was one of a total of sixteen titles, both novels and reference books, that were intended to coincide as a promotional tie-in with the premiere of The Motion Picture on 7 December 1979. While the official publication date is stated as 30 November 1979, Playboy magazine reported that at the time of the movie's premiere the book had not yet been released to the public. (Playboy magazine, January 1980, p. 310) However, due to the film's mixed reception, only about half of the planned titles, including this one, were ultimately released.
  • A similar book was conceived by Cole's successors for modern Star Trek, Mike and Denise Okuda, in 1999 as the Star Trek Sticker Book.