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From the book jacket
Re-create the fun and excitement of your favorite space adventure!
This exciting, colorful book contains all the pieces necessary to assemble a 15" diameter model of the new refurnished U.S.S. Enterprise (bridge), the pride of the Federation fleet and the 23rd century's largest man-made spacecraft. Each piece is die-cut for easy removal and can be assembled without glue, paste or scissors.
The bridge features workable elevator doors, model figures of Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Commander Decker, Navigator Ilia and other members of the bridge crew. PLUS a series of interchangeable pictures for the bridge viewscreen.

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Background informationEdit

  • The book was one of a total of sixteen titles, both novels and reference books, that were intended to coincide as a promotional tie-in with the premiere of The Motion Picture on 7 December 1979. While the official publication date is stated as 1 November 1979, Playboy magazine reported that at the time of the movie's premiere the book had not yet been released to the public. (Playboy magazine, January 1980, p. 310) However, due to the film's mixed reception, only about half of the planned titles, including this one, were ultimately released.
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