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Star Trek - The Next Generation - The Game cover

Game box with "Final Season Trivia" sticker

Star Trek - The Next Generation - The Game contents

Original release game box and components

Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Game is a combination trivia/exploration game for two to four players produced by Classic Games in 1993.

The object of the game is to navigate through one, two or four sectors of uncharted space, find between two and ten planets and return to Starfleet Command. Up to three players play ship captains, while an additional player plays the Starfleet Command player who advises the captains of their travels and asks the trivia questions needed to propel their ships through space. The Starfleet Command player also controls a cloaked Borg ship and the hidden superbeing Q, each of whom will interfere with the other ships' travels.

The original release of the game came with trivia covering the first six seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Later editions, such as the one pictured above, included a sticker with the words "Final Season Trivia" and an additional ten card bonus set with questions covering various seventh season episodes.

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