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Star Trek: The Next Generation has been published in novel form by Pocket Books since 1987 in the USA, under license from Paramount Pictures.


Pocket Books was the first publisher given license by Paramount Pictures to produce a series of original novels and episode novelizations based on Star Trek: The Next Generation, starting in the late 1980s. Nearly all TNG novels, technical publications and adaptations have been part of this ongoing series.

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  1. Ghost Ship
  2. The Peacekeepers
  3. The Children of Hamlin
  4. Survivors
  5. Strike Zone
  6. Power Hungry
  7. Masks
  8. The Captains' Honor
  9. A Call to Darkness
  10. A Rock and a Hard Place
  11. Gulliver's Fugitives
  12. Doomsday World
  13. The Eyes of the Beholders
  14. Exiles
  15. Fortune's Light
  16. Contamination
  17. Boogeymen
  18. Q-in-Law
  19. Perchance to Dream
  20. Spartacus
  21. Chains of Command
  22. Imbalance
  23. War Drums
  24. Nightshade
  25. Grounded
  26. The Romulan Prize
  27. Guises of the Mind
  28. Here There Be Dragons
  29. Sins of Commission
  30. Debtors' Planet
  31. Foreign Foes
  32. Requiem
  33. Balance of Power
  34. Blaze of Glory
  35. The Romulan Stratagem
  36. Into the Nebula
  37. The Last Stand
  38. Dragon's Honor
  39. Rogue Saucer
  40. Possession
  41. Invasion! #2: The Soldiers of Fear
  42. Infiltrator
  43. A Fury Scorned
  44. The Death of Princes
  45. Intellivore
  46. To Storm Heaven
  47. Q Continuum #1: Q-Space
  48. Q Continuum #2: Q-Zone
  49. Q Continuum #3: Q-Strike
  50. Dyson Sphere
  51. Double Helix #1: Infection
  52. Double Helix #2: Vectors
  53. Double Helix #3: Red Sector
  54. Double Helix #4: Quarantine
  55. Double Helix #5: Double or Nothing
  56. Double Helix #6: The First Virtue
  57. The Forgotten War
  58. Gemworld, Book One
  59. Gemworld, Book Two
  60. Tooth and Claw
  61. Diplomatic Implausibility
  62. Maximum Warp #1: Dead Zone
  63. Maximum Warp #2: Forever Dark


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