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Star Trek: The Next Generation volume 2 was a comic book series published by DC Comics from 1989 until 1996. There were 80 issues, 6 annuals and various specials and spin-off miniseries, although the license prevented stories focusing on characters other than the main cast.



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  1. "Return to Raimon"
  2. "Murder, Most Foul"
  3. "The Derelict"
  4. "The Hero Factor"
  5. "Serafin's Survivors"
  6. "Shadows in the Garden"
  7. "The Pilot"
  8. "The Battle Within"
  9. "The Pay Off!"
  10. "The Noise of Justice"
  11. "The Impostor"
  12. "Whoever Fights Monsters"
  13. "The Hand of the Assassin!"
  14. "Holiday on Ice"
  15. "Prisoners of the Ferengi"
  16. "I Have Heard the Mermaids Singing"
  17. "The Weapon"
  18. "Forbidden Fruit"
  19. "The Lesson"
  20. The Star Lost: "The Flight of the Albert Einstein"
  21. The Star Lost: "Mourning Star"
  22. The Star Lost: "Trapped"
  23. The Star Lost: "The Barrier"
  24. The Star Lost: "Homecoming"
  25. "Wayward Son"
  26. "Strangers in Strange Lands!"
  27. "City Life"
  28. "The Remembered One"
  29. "Honor Bound!"
  30. "The Rift!"
  31. "Kingdom of the Damned"
  32. "Wet Behind the Ears"
  33. "The Way of the Warrior"
  34. "Devil's Brew!"
  35. "The Dogs of War"
  36. "Shore Leave in Shanzibar!"
  37. "Consorting With the Devil!"
  38. "Dirty Work"
  39. "Bridges"
  40. "Bone of Contention"
  41. "Separation Anxiety!"
  42. "Second Chances!"
  43. "Strange Bedfellows"
  44. "Restoration"
  45. "Childish Things"
  46. "The Maze"
  47. The Worst of Both Worlds!: "The Worst of Both Worlds, Part I!" (aka "The Bludgeonings of Chance!")
  48. The Worst of Both Worlds!: "The Belly of the Beast!"
  49. The Worst of Both Worlds!: "The Armies of the Night"
  50. The Worst of Both Worlds!: "And Death Shall Have No Dominion"
  51. "Lifesigns"
  52. "The Rich and the Dead!"
  53. "Reductions & Deductions"
  54. "Hidden Agendas!"
  55. "The Good of the Many"
  56. "Companionship"
  57. "Of Two Minds"
  58. "Bodies of Evidence"
  59. "Children of Chaos"
  60. "Mother of Madness"
  61. "Brothers in Darkness"
  62. "The Victim"
  63. "A Matter of Conscience..."
  64. "The Deceivers"
  65. "The Truth Elusive"
  66. "Just Desserts!"
  67. "Friends and Other Strangers"
  68. "The Bajoran and the Beast"
  69. "Dreams Die"
  70. "The Last Verse"
  71. War and Madness: "The First Casualty"
  72. War and Madness: "A Handful of Dust"
  73. War and Madness: "The Dying of the Light"
  74. War and Madness: "Ceremony of Innocence"
  75. War and Madness: "Cry Havoc"
  76. "Suspect"
  77. "Gateway"
  78. "The Unconquered"
  79. "Artificiality"
  80. "The Abandoned"

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