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Star Trek: The Next Generation has been released on VHS in several countries since its launch in 1987.

UK releases[]

The series was released in the UK in its entirety by CIC Video in a two-episode-per-tape release between 1990 and 1994; and seasons 1-5 by Paramount Home Entertainment in a three-episode-per-tape release between 1998 and 2002.

US releases[]

Star Trek: The Next Generation began VHS release in the US by Paramount Home Video in 1991, tying in with the 25th anniversary, with the show's first season. Each season had its own individual packaging design. The series was fully released on VHS by Paramount by the end of 1999 in production order with one episode per tape, with the exception of "All Good Things...", which was first released on VHS in 1996. It was later re-released in 1999 with the rest of the seventh season.

Columbia House also began releasing the series on VHS in 1991 as Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Collector's Edition with typically two episodes per tape. Their early releases of "Encounter at Farpoint" featured the edited two-part syndication version of the episode. Later releases corrected this error at the request of series creator Gene Roddenberry and Paramount and issued the uncut version in its place.

Paramount's releases were:

German releases[]

Releases in Germany, like in the UK were handled by CIC Video and later by Paramount Home Entertainment.

German box sets include:

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