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Star Trek: The Next Generation – Behind the Scenes was a trading card set produced by SkyBox and released in 1993. The set came in a sealed plastic box, numbered and the edition limited to 50,000 copies. No booster packs or chase cards were produced. The set looks at the roles of the various crew members who make up the production staff of Star Trek: The Next Generation television series. The set was compiled while that series' fifth season was in production.

On the backside of the cards, each production staffer related an anecdote connected with his or her role on the series.


From the cover card
This unique set of collectable trading cards gives you a close personal look at some of the producers, directors, writers and crew of one of the most popular shows in television history! Those fans new to Star Trek: The Next Generation will be fascinated by the insights and information about how a major show is produced; die-hard fans will delight in the detailed information given by this sampling of the many talented people who brought Star Trek: The Next Generation to life in its fifth season on the air.

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Base set

Card # Title Card # Title
1 Behind the Scenes 21 Producer
2 Key Grip 22
TNG Behind the Scenes card 22.jpg
Visual Effects Supervisor
Dan Curry
3 Co-Producer 23 Production Designer
TNG Behind the Scenes card 04.jpg
Scenic Art Supervisor/Technical Consultant
Michael Okuda
24 Property Master
5 Production Sound Mixer
Alan Bernard
25 Composer
6 Stunt Coordinator
Dennis Madalone
TNG Behind the Scenes card 26.jpg
Vendor Miniatures
Gregory B. Jein
7 Story Editor 27 Script Supervisor
Cosmo Genovese
8 Senior Illustrator/Technical Consultant
Rick Sternbach
28 Executive Producer
9 Visual Effects Supervisor
Robert Legato
29 Script Coordinator/Pre-Production Associate
Lolita Fatjo
10 Set Designer
Herman Zimmerman
30 Chief Lighting Technician
11 Unit Production Manager
Merri D. Howard
31 Key Second Assistant Director
TNG Behind the Scenes card 12.jpg
Prop Master
Joe Longo
32 Set Decorator
13 Co-Executive Producer 33 Composer
14 Mechanical Effects Coordinator 34 Co-Producer
15 First Assistant Director
Brad Yacobian
35 Associate Producer
Wendy Neuss
16 Set Security Officer 36 Make-Up Supervisor and Designer
Michael Westmore
17 Costume Designer
Robert Blackman
37 Executive Producer
18 First Assistant Director 38 Fifth Season Credits
19 Co-Producer 39
TNG Behind the Scenes card 01.jpg
20 Director of Photography
Marvin V. Rush
Unnumbered Cover card – "39 Collector Cards"

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