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Borg Q-Uest Box Art

Box art from the unreleased game

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Borg Q-Uest was a cancelled interactive video-based board game – the planned sequel to A Klingon Challenge, developed by Decipher and originally planned for release in September 1994.

The plot of the game was to revolve around three unnamed members of the USS Enterprise-D crew being abducted by Q and sent on a mission to retrieve an object called the Orb of Knowledge, an intelligent device capable of "reading the essence of every moment in the universe." Q raises the stakes by giving the crew members (and therefore the players) 60 minutes to retrieve the Orb, lest the Borg arrive before them and assimilate the Orb's knowledge for themselves. The game was to take a somewhat more light-hearted tone than the previous one, with Q appearing not only as a Borg but also in his usual Starfleet uniform and World War III judge's robes, as well as with "Data-like makeup" in a scene set on the holodeck.


The CCG card picturing Q in the game

The project was canceled despite being near completion; only one piece of the game footage was ever revealed when, in 2000, Decipher's The Trouble with Tribbles expansion set for the Star Trek Customizable Card Game featured a card called "Q The Referee", whose image came from the game's filmed footage. The box art and plot description, as well as an image of Q as a Borg from the video game footage, appeared in an issue of Star Trek: The Official Fan Club Magazine; Q did eventually appear in Borg guise in the live action footage of Star Trek: Borg.

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