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Star Trek: The Next Generation – Double Helix is a self-contained miniseries within the numbered Pocket TNG series, published by Pocket Books in 1999. The novels in the series are set in various eras connected with Star Trek: The Next Generation, and cross over with elements of other series.

Pocket editor John Ordover, who developed the concept for the miniseries alongside author Michael Jan Friedman, noted that it was inspired by the movie Outbreak and the book The Hot Zone. Ordover also remarked that the decision to position the series under the Next Generation banner stemmed from the fact that it was their best selling series at the time. (Voyages of Imagination, p. 434)


All novels fall under the Pocket TNG series.
  1. #51: Infection
  2. #52: Vectors (crosses over with DS9)
  3. #53: Red Sector (TOS)
  4. #54: Quarantine (VOY)
  5. #55: Double or Nothing (New Frontier)
  6. #56: The First Virtue (Stargazer; VOY)

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