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Game box and components

Star Trek: The Next Generation-Game of the Galaxies was produced in 1993 by Cardinal Games. It is a board game for two to six players.

Game components

  • 1 Game Board
  • 10 "Crew Members"
  • 6 "Color-coded" Shuttlecraft stands
  • 36 "Dilithium Crystal" cards
  • 30 "Treaties"
  • 1 Game Spinner (for Lt. Level)
  • 1 Game Die (for Captain Level)


Although only six "shuttlecraft" player stands are included, the game includes ten "Crew Members" to use in the stands: Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Commander William T. Riker, Lt. Commander Data, Lt. Cmdr. Geordi La Forge, Lieutenant Worf, Doctor Beverly Crusher, Counselor Deanna Troi, Ensign Wesley Crusher, Ensign Ro Laren, and Guinan.

The Basic, or "Lieutenant Level", game is meant for younger players, and uses the included spinner to let players move around the board. All "Treaties" (flattened glass marbles) are of equal value, and gameplay is simplified somewhat, with all players starting in the center "Docking Bay" ring. The Advanced, or "Captain Level", game gets more complex, requiring the use of the die to move around the board and the use of the deck of Dilithium crystal cards to affect gameplay. Special "Photon Torpedo" cards in the Dilithium deck are required to blast through Asteroid Belts to take the "short path" to certain planets. In addition, the lighter color Treaties (called "commendations" in this version) are worth two points, while the darker color ones are worth one point, and each player starts on their own color "Starbase".

Players obtain Treaties by moving onto either a planet or one of its moons (if any). Movement around the board is enhanced by the use of Transporters and Spacedocks.

The object is for each player/officer to "distinguish themselves by establishing peace throughout the galaxies" by collecting the most Treaties (for the "Lieutenant Level" game) or the highest number of "commendations" (in the "Captain Level" game) once all the Treaties are removed from the board.

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