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Star Trek: The Next Generation – Perchance to Dream was a four-issue comic book miniseries from WildStorm Comics released between February to May 2000. The title was named after Howard Weinstein's novel from Pocket Books in the 1990s. This series featured the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation experiencing nightmares and hallucinations and is set between "All Good Things..." and Star Trek Generations.

No collected edition of the miniseries was released contemporary with the individual issues; however, in 2018, it was finally collected as volume 33 of the Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection.

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Dispatched to attend the election of the new leader of a recent Federation member on a planet with three genders, the Enterprise crew are embroiled in political intrigue, due to the ruler having only one regular partner when the norm on the planet is two; a moralist faction are determined that she should not be elected. Although the Enterprise security team prove more than capable of dealing with any problems, the leader of the faction eventually releases a telepathic weapon known as the Chova, which forces its victims to experience dreams and hallucinations of their greatest fears and failures.

Learning that the Chova can be defeated by those with Multiple Personality Disorder – such people literally overwhelming the Chova as it can only attack one mind at a time – Picard is infected with the Chova, his mind meld with Sarek, his possession of Kamin's memories, and his assimilation by the Borg into Locutus giving him the makings of an MPD. Although Locutus attempts to take over, Picard is able to force Locutus back down into his mind.

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  1. "To Take Arms Against a Sea of Troubles" (February 2000)
  2. "By a Sleep to Say We End" (March 2000)
  3. "In the Sleep of Death, What Dreams May Come" (April 2000)
  4. "Enterprises of Great Pitch and Moment" (May 2000)
Each of the chapter titles are taken from "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare.

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