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VHS release
Series: TNG
No. of episodes: 6 (UK/Germany)
4 (US)
No. of tapes: 3 (UK/Germany)
4 (US)
Release date: 5 December 1994
US release date: 18 June 1996
Rating(s): BBFC PG FSK 12
Reference: ASIN B00004CPRI (UK)
ASIN B00004RX0Z (Germany)
ASIN 6304066112 (US)
Q Continuum US VHS collection.jpg

US cover

US cover

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Q Continuum was the name given to two different VHS collections focusing on the character Q. The first was released in the UK (catalog number VHR 2990) alongside the Star Trek: The Next Generation - Borg Box, and the second in the US alongside a LaserDisc version.

There was also a release in Germany, under the name Star Trek: The Next Generation – Q Box. The German release was otherwise largely identical to the UK release, including the use of similar packaging and the same selection of episodes.

Contents Edit

UK/Germany release Edit

Tape Cover Episodes
1 Q Continuum UK VHS - Tape 1 cover
"Hide and Q"
"Q Who"
2 Q Continuum UK VHS - Tape 2 cover
"Deja Q"
3 Q Continuum UK VHS - Tape 3 cover
"True Q"

US release Edit

"Encounter at Farpoint"
"Hide and Q"
"Q Who"
"Deja Q"
A special interview with John de Lancie on how he won the part of Q.

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