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Game components

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Romulan Challenge is a Star Trek: The Next Generation-based board game for two to six players produced in 1994 by MMG Ltd.. It was produced mainly for distribution in the UK.

Game Components

  • Game board
  • Co-ordinates board
  • 6 "Cone Counters" (Red, yellow, blue, green, purple & black)
  • 2 10-sided dice (blue & yellow)
  • 12 circular "Mission Cards" (one for each planet on the game board)
  • 50 "Command Cards" (with yellow Commbadge backs)
  • 50 "Resource Cards" (with blue Commbadge backs)
  • Rule sheet


The premise: Twelve Federation planets situated near the Romulan Neutral Zone have been occupied by Romulan forces. The planets are strategically very important, as they have some of the most valuable mineral deposits in the known Galaxy. One by one, the planets must be liberated. It is essential for the Federation to regain control and drive the Romulan forces off these planets in order to maintain peace.

Essentially, it is a race by the players to reach each planet and "liberate" it. The given target planet is drawn from the deck of "Mission Cards", each one depicting one of the planets on the game board. A player liberates a planet, thus winning its Mission Card, by being the first to land there. Each roll of the two ten-sided dice is used both to move your ship (by their difference if two different numbers are rolled, or by their total if doubles are rolled), and to refer to a special chart to see if you are to draw either blue-backed "Resource Cards" (needed to bypass the "Energy Fields" near each planet) or game-altering gold-backed "Command Cards" that either contain Direct Orders that must be followed or a multiple-choice trivia question (based on TNG) that must be correctly answered to gain its benefits.

When the last Mission Card is won, the player with the most Mission Cards is the winner.

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